The Top Benefits of Using a Wall Caddy for Your Horse Equipment


Using a caddy for your horse equipment can help save time, effort, and potential injury. It also keeps your facility organized and accessible.

Many facilities use banked stall walls to minimize urine spots and make stall cleaning faster and easier.

You can hang a caddy to hold grooming supplies like combs, brushes, detanglers, and spray bottles. Many are even mouse-proof to keep pests out of your tack room.

Improved Organization

Wall caddies keep your equipment organized and easy to find. This helps reduce the time you spend searching for things in your tack room and lets you get on with training sooner.

Sort your tack by frequency of use to make it easier to access the items you need most often. Create separate piles for grooming, schooling, showtack, and other equestrian supplies.

Hang a wall organizer in your barn to store mucking forks, towels, and halters. You can affix a whiteboard to display your weekly plan, feeding chart, or notes. These caddies also include hooks perfect for hanging helmets, harnesses and bits, polo wrap holders, brushes, or tack-cleaning tools. This helps to prevent them from getting kicked around and damaged by horses or rodents.

Aesthetic Appeal

Having all your equipment organized and off the floor will make for a more aesthetically pleasing stable. It’s also less of a safety hazard for horses, riders, and bystanders who may trip over equipment when it isn’t properly stored.

Wall caddies come in various designs, so you can find one that suits your barn’s aesthetic. They are often made of materials that will coordinate with other decor in the room, such as brass or chrome.

For instance, the sort-it-out wall caddy is ideal for home entryways. It has a dry-erase surface for planning and reminders, magnetic hooks, and rear compartments for more storage. Plus, it’s eco-friendly! It’s an attractive solution that will save you time and money in the long run.


A caddy is a great way to free up valuable storage space in your tack room. It lets you keep out-of-season items in a separate location and reduces clutter so you can quickly find what you need.

You can also mount a swivel blanket bar system to your barn walls to help you organize materials for each horse. This saves you time preparing for a competition and keeps blankets out of the way until they are needed again.

Large wire organizers can hold bathing supplies like shampoo, detanglers, and curry combs. They can be clipped to the stall wall to keep supplies dry and easily reachable, and they can also be used to hang spray bottles or towels up to dry.

Convenient Access

A wall caddy keeps equipment like horse bridles and saddles off the floor, reducing the likelihood of losing or misplacing them. It also makes them easier to clean and maintain, saving you time and effort.

Wall-mounted caddies can hold grooming totes and supplies, combs, brushes, spray bottles, collections of hoof picks, and braiding equipment. Many are made from transparent plastic and can be labeled with markers, making it easy to find the right tool.

Installing a banked stall wall allows horses to climb over more efficiently, reducing stall cleaning time by minimizing urine spots and manure smearing. You can install a blanket rack for each horse to keep sheets and blankets handy. Other stall accessories, like corner floor hay feeders, minimize forage contact with stall bedding and help eliminate stomach acids.


Keeping equipment off the ground helps keep it dry, clean, and safe from mice and rats. It also minimizes rust and mildew growth. Using a caddy can help you save time by not having to rummage through a garage or storage shed to find equipment.

Bathroom organizers come in various sizes to hold all your horse care supplies. Large wire organizers are great for bathing supplies like shampoo bottles, detanglers, and curry combs. You can even clip buckets for extra storage and hang spray bottles or towels to let them dry.

Stall accessories can also make a huge difference in your barn. Proper stall bedding can prevent horses from soiling the walls with manure and urine, reducing stomach acidity and improving digestion. Adding a hay feeder bank to the stall wall can minimize contact between forage and stall bedding, as well as save stall walls from urine and poop that is often smeared on them.

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