The Ultimate Wine Cabinet Buying Manual


It’s a good idea to stock up on wine, but you’ll also need a place to keep it all. Any true wine connoisseur must be well-versed in the art of wine storage, whether that be in a kitchen wine cabinet or a wine cabinet cooler. However, there is more involved than just putting wine bottles in a dark corner of the kitchen cupboard; in fact, you’ll need some specialised equipment. Since wine needs to be kept at a constant temperature to maintain its quality, a special storage area is required.

Despite this, there is a dizzying array of wine storage options available, which is why we’ve compiled this buying guide.

The Wine Cellar’s Assorted Collections

When it comes to storing wine, there is, as was previously mentioned, no silver bullet. The most well-liked wine racks are presented below.

Wall-Hung Wine Racks in the United Kingdom

The first type of wine racks we’ll look at are those that can be mounted on the wall. Wall-mounted solutions are increasingly popular because they add both aesthetic value and practicality to a room. Furthermore, wall-mounted wine racks have the advantage of not requiring any additional floor space.

It stands to reason that wall-mounted wine racks won’t be as large as their floor-standing counterparts, as you wouldn’t want the rack to topple over from the weight of your wine bottles. Therefore, wine racks with a capacity of 12 bottles or less are the norm; those with a greater capacity tend to prioritise durability over aesthetics.

Storage for Wine on the Counter

Like their wall-mounted counterparts, countertop wine racks are typically compact in size so that they don’t take up too much valuable counter space. Despite this, these wine racks are a timeless addition to any room and are especially useful if you’re short on counter space.

Floor Space Wine Racks

It’s possible that a floor wine rack is what you need if your collection is substantial. They can safely hold over a hundred bottles because they are freestanding. Even though there are also smaller floor wine racks, the serious wine collector will appreciate the larger capacity of the former.

Criteria to Evaluate

Assuming you’ve already considered the various wine cabinet options, there are still a number of other considerations to make.

Capacity and Dimensions

The storage capacity of the cabinet is likely the most important aspect to think about. Which quantity are you interested in? a wine rack for 24 bottles or space for 144 bottles. A wall-mounted or countertop model is recommended if your collection does not exceed several hundred items. However, if you have plans to expand your collection, a floor wine rack with a larger capacity may be a better option.

Another factor to think about besides quantity is bottle size. While bottles of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and even most red wines all come in the same standard size, Bordeaux and Champagne bottles occasionally come in slightly different sizes. Therefore, it’s important that the wine cabinet you choose has the necessary features.


Since many wine cabinets also serve as decorative pieces, you should think about the overall style you’re going for in your home before making a purchase. In spite of this, you should never put the product’s aesthetics ahead of its durability, no matter how much you value the former.

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