The video in which Ben Affleck ignores a fan who says hello went viral

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The video, which was posted on this social media platform by Jaime Nunez, was actually downloaded from Instagram.

One of my good friends saw Ben Affleck as he passed by. He said hi, but Ben ignored him,” was written in the original post on the Instagram story.

The video shows the actor while adjusting his baseball cap, ascending the escalator. As he approached, he looked up and looked as if he were smiling slightly.

Then it is heard that the fan greets Ben Affleck as he passes by him, but he did not receive a word from the actor in return. Either Ben didn’t hear him, or he deliberately ignored him and simply went on his way.

However, Nunez was obviously more sympathetic to Affleck in this situation, so he wrote in the description of the post: “He may seem like a {rude person}, but Celebs do this cuz they don’t want to garner attention.” 

Since its release on TikTok, the video has garnered more than 685,000 views and people in the comments mostly defend the actor and point out that it is difficult to be a famous person.

Seriously? About 400 people greet him every day. He probably can’t even keep the flow of his own thoughts,” someone wrote.

He’s minding his own business … celebrities aren’t animals at the zoo. Let them be,” another comment read.

Someone added: “Tell your friend to put their phone down and maybe he’d engage. He doesn’t owe anyone anything, especially if it’s for clout on social media“.


He may seem like a dick, but Celebs do this cuz they don’t want to garner attention. ##vegas ##benaffleck

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