These 7 Birthday Superstitious beliefs Will Blow Your Mind


We humans have one day each year that we look forward to with great anticipation, and that is our birthday. No matter how old you are this year, the excitement you feel on your birthday will make you feel like a kid again. As always, we anticipate a wonderful time in the company of those we hold dear. To our hearts’ content, we celebrate with a plethora of musical performances, competitive games, and massive quantities of our most beloved foods. In a nutshell, we anticipate having a splendid time and accumulating indelible memories. Not only do we look forward to celebrating our own birthdays, but we also adore the opportunity to surprise the people we care about by throwing them a party on their special day.

It’s important to make sure that every aspect of our loved one’s birthday celebration is top-notch, from the décor to the cake online delivery in India to the specified location. Even though birthdays only occur once a year on a single day, we treat them as seriously as we would any other week-long festival or special occasion. But you must know that there are some odd beliefs around birthdays. If you answered no, we have compiled a list of the top 7 birthday-related superstitions that are sure to startle you. Proceed to the next section to acquire additional information.


Some traditional Southern American customs in the United States of America hold that putting candles on top of a birthday cake will bring the celebrant more romantic success in the next year. Based on the year being turned to, a specific amount of candles must be set. When all the candles are blown out at once, it is stated that the couple will be married within a year. The number of unbroken candles will be an indicator of how many years of marriageable age the celebrant has left.

A traditional part of celebrating a birthday involves making a wish before blowing out the candles. People believe that if they can extinguish all the candles with a single breath, their desires will come true. It was in Germany that this superstition first appeared, leading to the practice of placing one very large candle in the centre of a cake in lieu of the traditional number of smaller ones.

Russians think that wishing someone a happy birthday before their actual day of birth will bring them nothing but bad fortune. Some Russians may have the misconception that birthdays should be celebrated in advance of the actual date. People in several other nations share this sentiment and hence avoid sending birthday gifts in advance.

It is customary in some communities to greet the birthday kid or gal as soon as they open their eyes on their special day. The birthday boy or girl will be blessed with good fortune, so the saying goes.


When a Japanese citizen reaches a specific age, they are eligible to begin a new life. When they reach a specific age, they can revert back to their younger selves. Upon reaching the age of 61, kanreki entered his second childhood. His problems vanished, and he was given a fresh sheet of paper on which to start over. When you reach the age of 60 in Korea, it’s like starting over again.

Italian culture has a peculiar tradition of smacking children on their birthdays. For the birthday celebration, everyone gives a little tug on the celebrant’s earlobe. A long ear span is supposedly indicative of a long and fruitful life. So, the celebrant’s closest friends and family members all show up to help spread good fortune on their special day.

It’s true that everyone deserves to be celebrated on their birthday. Some things, like getting married, are outright inappropriate to plan for your birthday. They say it’s bad luck to tie the knot on your own birthday. If, however, you do manage to pass away on your birthday, consider yourself lucky. So that one may be certain of receiving eternal life.


We sincerely hope you found this article to be entertaining and informative. Let your loved ones know about this post by passing it along to them. But thing is true you can’t ignore sharing gifts on birthdays so buy the right one from the best online gift store.

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