They finally arrived: This is all you need to know about third-generation AirPods

The latest version of the popular headphones brings several novelties, as well as the recognizable design

They finally arrived: This is all you need to know about third-generation AirPods

Photo Credits: Apple

After a bunch of announcements and even more speculation about the final design, Apple finally unveiled the latest version of the AirPods on October 18th. The company's massively popular wireless earbuds come with the distinctive design of the AirPods pro, only with a lower price, a few essential differences, and a collection of features that every potential customer should know.


The third-generation AirPods look very similar to the AirPods Pro, with one important difference - they are open-type headphones that do not come with rubber caps. The headphones, therefore, do not come with active noise cancellation and instead perform a similar function as ‘standard’ AirPods.

Furthermore, the touch controls have been replaced with a pressure sensor, and the entire device (excluding the charging box) is resistant to water and sweat. Finally, it is a smaller device that fits in a box with a pleasant click of a magnet.


The third-generation AirPods come with the H1 chip we can find in AirPods Pro. The headphones have a microphone on the outer edge that suppresses the sound of the wind and facilitates FaceTime calls. The third-generation AirPods also support Dolby Atmos and the recently available ‘surround sound’ feature.

In terms of sound quality, we expect quality similar to that of the original AirPods.


The latest version of AirPods comes with several important benefits - their battery lasts longer due to lack of ANC, they can get an hour of playing in just a few minutes in the box, while the power box itself can be charged via wire, Qi charger or magnetically with MagSafe charger.

Price and availability

The new third-generation AirPods will be available from around next week, and the price will be $ 179.

Watch the promo video here!

By: Helen B.