Top Reasons You Should Service Your Boiler Annually


Why do you need to service your boiler?

A boiler provides heat and warm water in our homes. However, issues may arrive with the passage of time if it’s not maintained or serviced regularly. And in many cases, hiring professional Boiler Repair in Richmond services is a must because it can cause major discomfort.

Here are 10 signs you need a professional boiler repair that you should not ignore.

Extremely loud noises:

One of the most common signs you need repair is that your boiler makes loud noises while running. As homeowners, we cannot quite comprehend where the exact issue lies. Most of the time issue lies within the boiler, within the internal components of the boiler.

Leakage from the boiler

The presence of water near the boiler area is another obvious indication that your boiler needs boiler repair Richmond services. This typically results from a hole in the boiler, and if it is not fixed correctly, it can lead to several different issues. In such a situation, attempting to fix it yourself is the last thing you should do. You want a professional to fix the boiler because of all the dangerous gases that might leak out of it, ensuring that neither you nor your family is in danger.

Your heat is out

Your heat is not working correctly. Rather than performing a DIY repair, you want to call a professional, as they will identify the root cause of the problem. They will not only detect the main issue but will also repair it within time.

Foul smells or odours

A carbon monoxide leak affects boiler functionality and can create health issues. A slight foul odour is the leading indicator of a carbon monoxide leak. This smell is caused by your boiler failing to burn properly, not carbon monoxide. Another sign that your boiler is leaking carbon dioxide is if the flame on the boiler is yellow. A normal boiler’s flame should be blue.

Boiler Repair Richmond

What you should do is look for dark spots around the casing of your boiler as well. If you notice any of these signs, contact a Boiler repair service immediately. Everyone in the building should be evacuated if their boiler emits carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning can result in headaches, nausea, breathing difficulties, and even death.

High Energy Bills

Another leading sign boiler is not working correctly is that you are getting high energy bills, and it’s not by accident. It may be a leak in your boiler or more than 10 years old. Either way, you need a professional to help you repair your boiler, which will save you money in the long run.

Cold building

No matter where you are – school, home, office or church, you rely on your boiler as a heating source. But what if it’s taking too long to heat your place? Or your building still remains cold even if the boiler is running. There could be many reasons for this. Therefore, you must call a professional.

Rumbling and rattling noises

Worry not; your boiler will not explode if it makes ratting, kettling or gurgling noises; something is wrong. One possibility is that the circulating pump is faulty and shaking within its casing. Because this is one of the few mechanical parts of the boiler, it must be monitored. If the sound is coming from inside the boiler tank, it most likely means there is a buildup on the bottom of the tank, which will cause overheating and reduce the boiler’s efficiency.

Benefits of Annual Boiler Service

Here are several benefits of annual boiler service.

Keep your energy bills low:

Your Gas Safe registered engineer will verify that your boiler is operating efficiently as part of your yearly gas boiler service, which can end up saving you money over time.

Keep your boiler under warranty:

if you don’t service it annually, it will invalidate your warranty. Hire a gas-safe engineer who will detect any issues that prevent boiler breakdown.

Save money on unwanted repairs:

The reliability of your heating system can be increased, and the likelihood of future issues decreased with routine inspections and maintenance of your gas boiler. A yearly check can help identify any problems early on, decreasing the likelihood that your boiler will fail later.

Prolong the lifespan of your boiler:

A gas boiler that has been well maintained and is in good health will probably last longer than one that hasn’t, which can save much money. In addition to keeping your Boiler Repair in Chiswick operating smoothly and efficiently, routine maintenance and expert Gas Safe licensed inspections can, as previously indicated, assist in identifying and resolving small concerns that might lengthen the lifespan of your boiler.

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