Timber Trends 2023: Insights from Wood Manufacturing Experts

Exploring the Latest Developments & Future Prospects in the Timber Industry


Discover the top timber trends to watch out in 2023 with insights from wood manufacturing experts. This article delves into the latest developments and future prospects in the industry, providing valuable insights for businesses and individuals involved in timber trade.

Due to the growing demand for timber in the construction industry, timber wood suppliers are likely to see an increase in their customer base as well as their profits. A snapshot of timber trends suggests, more homes would be constructed, the need for high-quality timber will continue to rise, presenting a promising opportunity for suppliers to capitalize on this trend. By ensuring the availability of a wide range of construction-grade timber, suppliers can cater to the diverse needs of builders and developers, further cementing their position as a reliable and valuable partner in the construction industry

According to a report by MarketWatch, the global timber market is expected to grow to a USD Multimillion industry in 2023 with a higher than expected CAGR. The timber market will be dominated by the use of the latest technologies and strategies by key players and will grow both in size and scope.

Timber Market Performance in 2022

Before moving to future timber trends it is really important to understand its impact in previous years. Like any year, 2022 was a year full of promises for the timber industry. Despite issues like delivery troubles and increasing price levels, the demand has been strong for timber and wood products in the UK and all over Europe.

A study of the market and interviews with carpenters and wood companies across the country revealed interesting facts about the timber industry. Many timber professionals believe that constructions were the primary driving force of the timber industry in 2022 and will continue to remain so in 2023 and at least a few more years.

The Top Timber Trends for 2023:

In terms of timber products that will be high in demand in 2023, we have made this list of the top timber goods that experts believe will surpass others as the most in-demand wood products this year.

Wood for construction will be very much in demand in 2023 as well, as construction and home-building activities will see a rise all around the globe. In addition, timber for furniture construction will also see a boost in demand, mainly due to sustainability and eco-friendliness concerns of other types of furniture materials such as plastic and metals.

Apart from that, other wood items that will remain in demand include roof trusses, windows, prefabricated timber items for construction, carports, wood facades, and roof construction timber.

Timber for Construction

Construction timber is going to be in huge demand for at least a few years fueled by the rising demand for both residential and commercial properties in the USA, the UK and most other parts of the world.

Timber for construction refers to wood that is deemed appropriate for use in various construction activities, including the building of houses and the creation of furniture.

Because of the rising customer interest in sustainable options for furniture, the demand for natural materials such as wood for furniture construction will be at an all-time high. This might increase the load on timber companies. Timber manufacturers such as White Knight Consulting Ltd. who are engaged in sustainable timber production will lead the way.

Roof Trusses

According to a BauInfoConsult survey, the increasing construction activities of roof trusses and timber houses will give a boost to the demand for construction timber in the coming years. At the same time, experts predict that we might see a significant growth in the demand for residential construction, which will again increase the demand for timber.

Dormer Windows

Dormer windows are constructed as a part of a roof, where the window is built with its own roof. They are mainly used to increase the size of the usable space in the attic. Dormer windows are mainly popular in the US and the UK, in addition to some European countries.

As a part of the overall rise in the demand for construction timber, the construction of dormer windows is also expected to receive higher demand this year.

Prefabricated Timber for Construction

A study suggests that the demand for prefabricated timber construction items such as panels, plywood, and wooden ceiling products will be high this year.

Wood panels, boards and plywood have always been used in the construction of buildings (structure) and furniture. Large wooden boards and panels will be particularly in demand this year. Moreover, engineered woods of different kinds might see a rise in demand in some regions.


A carport is a covered structure like a shed that is mainly used for personal car parking in a house. These were quite popular in the early days, especially in big houses, farms and ranches. However, the trend is returning now, as many homeowners across the UK are favouring classic carports over garages for their homes.

Carports have always been made using timber, among other materials like iron for pillars. The roof or shed is most commonly made using timber, which is why timber for carport construction will likely see a good demand this year too.

Wood facades

Facades are used on the exterior of a building to provide extra security and add to its appeal. Wood is a particularly favoured material for building facades because it can give a natural look to the building and also provide security from dust, dirt, rain and other weather elements (durable timber).

Wood facades have been extremely popular among homeowners & builders over the last decade or so, and the trend is expected to continue in the coming years as well.

Roof Construction Timber

Roof construction activities involving timber were a big hit in 2022 and will continue to remain so in the next few years. In the UK and other parts of the world, people favour timber over other materials for building their homes due to sustainability, aesthetics and other advantages of wood.

What does the Future Hold for the Timber Industry? (5 Timber Trends predictions for 2023)

Many experts make predictions for what the timber industry’s future holds or what to expect this year and beyond. Here are some of those:

1. Some experts believe that the UK market will see a rise in lumber demand and prices due to slow but steady growth in housing demand.

2. Pulpwood will remain one of the popular wood items in terms of demand and the price and demand for stumpage might drop in 2023.

3. Governments and agencies working towards inflation reduction might focus more on making investments towards renewable sources like timber.

4. The use of timber for Sustainable Aviation Fuel might be reduced due to the fact that it’s too expensive and can never fully replace fossil-derived fuel alternatives.

5. Lastly, the timber market might start seeing the effects of a global recession sometime in mid-2023.

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