Tori Spelling never got over husband’s infidelity

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Although the actress’ turbulent marriage to Dean McDermott seemed stable for a while, she never got over his infidelity, which became known in 2014.

It has long been rumored that the star of the hit series of the nineties “Beverly Hills 90210”,  Tori Spelling  (48) is going through another marital crisis with her husband and actor Dean McDermott (55), but it seems that this time there is really no return, writes the Daily Mail.

The famous actress is reportedly preparing to end her turbulent marriage with Dean McDermott, so she is already preparing for a divorce.

A source close to the couple claims that the actors, who have been married since 2006, have no salvation and that Tori wants to make sure she is financially stable before filing for divorce.

“The marriage has been over for a very long time. Tori has met with her lawyers and plans to file a claim very soon. She is trying to resolve everything and before that make sure she is financially stable,” a source told media.

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Tori and Dean reportedly tried their best to stay together because of their five children – Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn, and Beau, but according to the source, it just didn’t work out.

They have been sleeping in different rooms for months and have not been considered a ‘married couple’ for some time. Tori is ready for a fresh start, but is trying to do it strategically,” the source said.

The turning point

The biggest turning point in their relationship was Dean’s infidelity, which the public learned about in 2014, and the affair was documented in the reality show True Tori. Although they were rumored to have resolved marital problems, their relationship was never completely repaired.

Tori still has big problems with trust. Part of their relationship has never been completely repaired after his infidelity,” the source said, adding, “They lived separate lives. They will still have family lunches and occasional outings, but that’s because of children.

The actress recently posted a holiday card in which she poses with their five children, and in comments, Spelling explained that her husband is filming a new feature film in Canada, which is why he is not in the photo. 

However, a source close to the couple told the media that Tori and McDermott are not on good terms at the moment and that they are reconsidering their marriage, who in the end turned out to be correct.





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