UAE Set To Get Dedicated Trauma Hospital With Full Range Of Treatments

UAE Set To Get Dedicated Trauma Hospital With Full Range Of Treatments

How Is Trauma Defined?

An injury to the body is considered trauma in a trauma center. Motor vehicle accidents and falls are the most common causes of injuries at trauma centers. Multiple areas of the body can be traumatized by these events, including mild, moderate, severe, and even life-threatening. Assaults, burns, and gunshot wounds are also common causes of injury.

Trauma Centers: What Are They?

Hospitals that specialize in providing specialized medical care for patients who have suffered traumatic injuries are known as trauma centers. The likelihood of death and permanent disability among injured patients has been reduced with appropriate treatment by specially trained staff. Life-threatening and disabling injuries must be treated continuously by trauma centers that are accredited. In spite of their location within hospitals, trauma centers do not intend to replace traditional hospitals and their emergency departments.

In The Last Two Decades,

Al-Ain City has seen major improvements in its trauma system. With the goal of improving patient care, the Trauma Group was established in 2001. Due to a lack of public funding, the Al-Ain Hospital trauma registry was suspended in 2007 [4]. Injury prevention strategies were formulated and a trauma system was established based on records from this registry. Several injury-prevention interventions were developed as a consequence of these developments. As a result, many road speed cameras have been installed, high penalties have been imposed for speeding violations, educational programs have been implemented on speeding and vehicle safety devices, and work safety regulations have been enforced.

During This Period,

The Trauma Group operated the Advanced Trauma Life Support program (ATLS) and Focused Assessment Sonography for Trauma Courses. Additionally, the Department of Health of Abu-Dhabi improved prehospital transport and trauma management. As insurance companies began offering 24-hour interventional radiology, the number of health care providers and EMS-trained staff increased. In addition, damage control surgery principles were adopted.

The Following Assignments Will Help You Gain A Deeper Understanding Of Trauma:

A dedicated tertiary hospital is to be built in Abu Dhabi that will offer a broad range of trauma treatment options.

The facility will be a joint effort between the UAE’s health authorities and military, Colonel Saeed Al Hefeiti, spokesperson for the Emirates Military Health Conference (EMHC), told Gulf News. A state-of-the-art trauma center will be built in the UAE, integrating with the healthcare system and our allies worldwide. These kinds of trauma centers deal with thousands of injuries each year, and the center will serve our military, allies, and civilians. Despite not revealing when the hospital will open, officials said they expect it to operate in two to five years.

Creating A Collaborative Environment:

To foster collaboration between the military and civilian sectors, the UAE Ministry of Defence is hosting EMHC in Abu Dhabi under the patronage of Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Bowardi, Minister of State for Defence Affairs. A gathering of leaders from the UAE defense ministry and the Department of Health was opened by Matter Salem Al Dhaheri, UAE Undersecretary of Defense, who was accompanied by Sheikh Dr Abdullah Meshal Al Sabah, Kuwait’s Undersecretary of Defense, and Abdulla Bin Mohammed Al Hamed, Abu Dhabi’s Chairman of the Department of Health. Military and civil medical professionals, as well as allied countries’ delegates, were in the audience.

In Addition To Bringing The UAE’s Vision Of Collaboration And Cooperation,

With the international community to life, the [EMHC] presents a unique opportunity for the UAE. Mohammed Ahmed Al Bowardi, Minister of State for Defense Affairs, said that it brings together experts from across the globe to discuss and exchange knowledge on the most pressing military healthcare issues. There is a greater need than ever to provide health services to members of the Armed Forces as well as civilians in affected areas, as we live in uncertain times. Thanks to technological innovation, more lives are being saved, and EMHC is the ideal platform for learning about these achievements and more,” said Al Bowardi.

Enhancing Trauma Services:

Military officers, government officials, and executives from industry are attending a two-day conference in the capital. Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC) will be accredited as a Level 1 trauma center by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) as another major initiative to improve trauma services in the UAE. At present, SSMC is the main trauma center for Abu Dhabi. In order to achieve Level 1 accreditation, the highest possible rating by the American College of Surgery for trauma, burns, critical care, and acute care surgery, Dr Marcelo Ribeiro, consultant general surgeon and division chair at SSMC, says the hospital is expanding rehabilitation services and ramping up trauma research and education.

Conferencing Information:

An international committee called the International Committee of Military Medicine (ICMM) supports the EMHC. Over 100 states are a part of the ICMM, which was formed after the First World War in 1921. Since 1984, the UAE has been a member of the (ICMM). A major feature of the EMHC is the opportunity for participants to connect with various industry stakeholders in order to discuss recent developments and trends in military health. As part of the conference, military and civilian stakeholders will be able to learn about successful initiatives that have been implemented to provide high-quality medical care to Ministry of Defense members, as well as develop new strategies to enhance healthcare delivery.

A Range Of Topics Related To Military Health,

Will be discussed during this unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field during the event, ‘Lessons Learned and Vision for the Future’. Leading international academics, defense officials, government representatives, and practitioners with direct experience of dealing with military families, help with assignment and personnel challenges will be among the speakers at the conference.


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