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A video that will convince even the last skeptic of the ability of the latest engine.

Tim Sweeney, the founder of Epic, predicted in 2015 that it would be difficult to distinguish between computer graphics and the real world in a decade. 

There are two and a half years left until 2025, and judging by what we see in the early days of Unreal Engine 5 development, Sweeney’s prediction will probably come true.

Unreal Engine 5 could most likely be the trigger that will bring photorealistic graphics to the masses.

At the end of last year, we had the opportunity to try The Matrix Awakens, a demo game, made in Unreal Engine 5, which, to put it mildly, amazed us with the displayed graphics and the possibilities of the new engine.

If you are still not convinced, the latest video on the Youtube channel subjectn could change your mind.

At first glance, the recording does not look like anything more than an empty train station recording with a smartphone camera. Most will not notice anything unusual until the day suddenly turns into night, and the “cameraman” takes out a flashlight.

Believe it or not, the whole video was made in Unreal Engine 5. It is based at the actual railway station in Toyama and is illuminated by Lumen, a completely dynamic solution for real-time global lighting. Nanite, a virtualized micro-poly geometry system in UE5, was not used in the project.

Let us recall that Nvidia has now also agreed to support Unreal Engine 5. Initially, Nvidia DLSS, Reflex, and RTX Global Illumination should be supported.

Epic has now officially released its latest version of the Unreal Engine, less than a year after early access. Unreal Engine 5 promises to make it possible for developers to create games and applications with a high level of geometric precision and completely dynamic global lighting. Nvidia has officially confirmed its support for the new engine and reflects on the previous eight years with Unreal Engine 4.

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