Val Kilmer was the greatest favorite of women

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Hollywood actor Val Kilmer became famous for his roles as Jim Morrison in “The Doors”, a macho pilot in the cult “Top Gun” alongside Tom Cruise, and embodied Batman, all of which earned him the title of one of the most desirable men.

A lot of time has passed since those days of his greatest glory, and his appearance and condition are a concern to fans today, and recent public appearances have saddened many. A few months ago, the Cannes Film Festival screened the documentary “Wave” about his life over the past four decades in which he spoke candidly about private details and his career.

Val has been battling throat cancer for some time, which he was diagnosed in 2015, and because of which he can barely speak with the help of a camera today, and at first, he hid his disease from the public and withdrew from the public.

How difficult he speaks is confirmed by the fact that parts of the film were given subtitles so that everyone could understand him, and many admitted after watching the film that he moved them to tears, especially the part about the tragedy and death of his brother Wesley, who died in the middle an epileptic seizure that caused him to drown in a jacuzzi when he was just 15 years old.

Val’s Hollywood success began to decline during the 2000s, and after acting he became a passionate fan of poetry and art, fascinated by Mark Twain, as well as a faith that helped him fight the disease he had to undergo surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

“I prayed and it was my way of healing. I always took what I do seriously and I understand that some people sometimes saw me as a difficult person. Life is a spiritual journey and my goal is to live in the moment,” he said in the film.

Recall, in an interview, Cher praised his skill, unique personality, and beauty admitting that he used to be bitter and hysterical, but also that she had never met anyone like him. She spoke about Val.

They met at a birthday party their mutual friend hosted for Cher in 1981, and they quickly became friends themselves. After a year, the friendship turned into a romance, even though she was 13 years older than him.

We called each other Sid and Ethel, we didn’t want to call each other by name,” Cher, 75, recalled today.

They continued to date from 1982 to 1984 when Val debuted in the action-comedy “Top Secret,” and two years later he starred in the iconic role of Tom Iceman Kazanski in “Top Gun.”

He was so young. Was he 22? And me, I was 30 and something? It was a big deal then. But the truth is, if I hadn’t been dating younger men then, I would never have had a boyfriend. Older women didn’t intimidate younger men, but older men in my category were out of the question, ”she said.

She also revealed how at first she was attracted to the fact that they laughed at the same things and Val’s striking appearance. Despite being much younger than her, Cher says she helped him in building self-confidence.

However, after a while, they broke up amicably and remained friends. Val married Joanne Whalley in 1988 with whom he had a daughter Mercedes and a son Jack, and they divorced in 1996.





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