Venetian garden fencing panels.

This type of fencing panels is designed using horizontal pales that give your garden a brighter look. The panels themselves are actually slotted and designed to be used with slotted jakposts.

Chevron garden fencing panels.

This type of composite decking boards panel has separated chevrons that allow light through, whilst still maintaining a high level of privacy for your garden. The panels themselves are not nailed together and matching gates are widely available.

Feather-board garden panel.

This type of panel is very strong and designed using a precise cut, creating a tidy image for your garden. The feather-board fence panel can be used with jakposts also.

Palisade garden panels.

These particular fence panels are low sitting and of a traditional style. Suitable for front gardens, these are also ready to be used with jakposts.

Euroguard combi-fencing

This is great and durable fence panel that creates total privacy and security for your garden. The slats are spaced closely together and there are no holes for unwanted intruders to climb the fence. A great choice for those who live in isolated areas.

Further additions.

If you want to add some style to your garden whilst still maintaining light, you might want to think about railing toppers. The railing toppers can be used with jakposts also.

Finally, if you are wondering if the examples above are all that there is to choose, you will be surprised to see just how many designs are available on the market today. Some companies will actually construct your own design of wooden panel so you really have the freedom to shop around for your chosen panels.

Concrete fence panels – what are the advantages?

Concrete fence panels are a popular product that offers greater privacy and greater strength in fence construction. There are numerous types of fences including barbed wire, chain link, electric and high tensile smooth wire. However, many people prefer concrete fences because they are easy to install and offer greater durability. Obviously, the fences are built in order to maintain privacy and provide security. As of late though, many people enjoy building these fences to accentuate the beauty of a property.

These panels are attractive and durable; durable meaning they are not only strong but also built to last for years on end. Concrete is cost-effective in most construction situations, and fencing is no different. Weak panels can result in the entire fence blowing over during bad storms. The answer is to strengthen your panels and fence posts. They are less likely to topple over due to bad weather or even vandalism when compared to ordinary timber posts.

Slotted fence

It is best to put panels between slotted fence posts. This increases the fence’s reliability, because timber simply doesn’t last as long as concrete. Another advantage to consider is the elimination of nails and screws. Therefore, if the panel should become damaged and a replacement panel can easily be installed. You wouldn’t even need any special knowledge to perform this procedure.

Logic aside, sometimes you just have to follow your heart and choose the more aesthetically beautiful option. Precast concrete fences come in some excellent designs. Some of these fence panels actually look like stone, or even brick, and come in a variety of colors.

There are many reasons to install concrete panels in a business or residential area. For example, law requires that a fence be installed composite fencing panels around high-voltage equipment. You would also need fence panels for railway lines, heavy machinery, explosive factories, industrial centers, airfields, military areas, prisons, zoos and farms with large animals. Even some swimming pool owners are now building fences for their resident’s safety. As time goes on, expect many more companies and residential areas to invest in their personal safety. Wood or timber doesn’t inspire much confidence. Concrete on the other hand is proven to be reliable.

Why not consider buying concrete fence panels to increase the safety and style of your establishment? Concrete guarantees that your fence will stay put for years to come! Contact a construction company experienced with fencing to learn more.


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