What are the Pros and Cons of Terrazzo Worktops?


The quintessential terrazzo worktop provides the perfect balance of style, functionality, and longevity. Given the daily rigour of kitchen activities, the right worktop material should have the ability to withstand regular wear and tear. Terrazzo comprises fragments/chips of marble, stone, cement, and glass held together by a strong binder like resin or concrete. Strategically engineered as flooring for high-traffic areas, terrazzo has been popularly used in hospitals, hotels, schools, and offices. Its aptness as a kitchen worktop material surfaced a couple of decades earlier. Today, these high-performance countertops have become a rage amongst UK-based homeowners.

Pros of the Terrazzo Worktop

  1. Visual Appeal: The alluring beauty of terrazzo often takes a backseat when the pros of the countertops are discussed. But it is a foremost advantage that precedes all others. In particular, the pristine beauty of the white terrazzo worktop is simply unparalleled. The attractive spectrum of multi-coloured chips adorning the white background exudes a rare designer appeal.
  2. Easy to Maintain: Terrazzo surfaces are fairly easy to clean and maintain, unlike natural stone. Even the white terrazzo worktop is least likely to get stained, chipped, cracked, or scorched easily. This material’s heat resistance, strength, and inertness ensure trouble-free maintenance.
  3. EnvironmentFriendly Material– Once opted for by those who couldn’t afford marble, terrazzo is a far more sensible and eco-friendly choice today. It is recycled from scraps of unused marble, glass, and stone, thus making it a conscientious purchase with a low carbon footprint.
  4. Durable– Terrazzo worktops are designed to last for a lifetime. Manufactured via the vacuum and vibration technique, the material is extremely tough and compact. It makes it all the more suitable for high-activity kitchen worktops.
  5. CostEffective- The recycled composition of terrazzo is not just an eco-friendly advantage but also a distinct benefit in terms of its cost. It can be easily procured from manufacturers/suppliers in the vicinity, thus eliminating the heavy logistical expenses of quarrying and shipping marble halfway across the world.
  6. Versatile– As a multi-functional, trendy-looking material, terrazzo is suitable not only for kitchen worktops and flooring but also for a wide range of residential and commercial applications. These include staircases, furniture tops, feature walls, backsplashes, fireplaces, fountains, and even outdoor kitchens. The spectacular variety of colours and patterns makes it further suitable for versatile interior and exterior designing.

Cons of Terrazzo Worktops

  1. Bulky Slabs- Compared to other manmade materials like porcelain, terrazzo worktops are relatively bulky. It would benefit homeowners to opt for epoxy resin terrazzo instead of heavier concrete terrazzo. The former is more suited for worktops, while the latter is preferred for commercial flooring.
  2. No Scope for Self-Installation- DIY installation is not a viable option when it comes to terrazzo worktops. The bulkiness and complexity of the material make it necessary to have ample professional expertise and experience. Homeowners who are persistent in saving money with DIY installation should refrain from using terrazzo.
  3. Tedious to Repair– Once properly installed, the chances of any major damage to terrazzo kitchen worktops are almost negligible. The single biggest factor that can potentially damage terrazzo is faulty installation. Once damaged during installation, it is extremely difficult to conduct any spot repairs. Instead, the whole slab will have to be replaced.


An ideal kitchen worktop material should be resistant to these kitchen activities, be it the possibility of spillages, placement of hot pots/pans, or abrasion due to cutting/chopping. Terrazzo is hardwearing, durable, and resistant. Its beauty doesn’t get tainted despite years of rough use. It might have certain limitations, as described above. But for homeowners who desire an attractive and resilient worktop that stands the test of time, terrazzo is certainly the right choice!

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