What Do You Do With a Tenant’s Belongings?


Cleaning up after a tenant moves out can be a difficult and potentially dangerous job. You may find everything from trash bags to moldy walls and rooms full of belongings in a tenant’s abandoned property. Dumpster place can help you dispose of your belongings safely and securely in these cases.

Tenant Sold Property

These are the three most frequent times tenants leave their property: 1. They move out. 2. If they leave town for the lease, 3. If there is a death in the house, no one can come forward as friends or family. The landlord must take all three situations into consideration before any disposition can be made.

A landlord’s worst nightmare is the abandoned property. The landlord could be held responsible for the tenant’s possessions if the tenant leaves without giving notice or paying rent. The landlord might also be responsible for cleaning up abandoned properties if the tenant defaults on their lease payments.

Good news is that you can legally dispose of tenant possessions without being held liable. Here are some guidelines for dealing with abandoned property if you don’t know what to do.

Create a List

It is important to make an inventory of all belongings when you find out that a tenant has moved on. It will help you determine if it is worth keeping and how long you need to store it before you dispose of it properly. This is best done with at least two people: one to take photos, the other to make notes. Photograph everything within the property including bookshelves and closets. In your list, include any furniture or appliances as well as personal items such clothing and electronics.

Store Abominated Property

You should keep all belongings of the tenant safe until you’re ready to dispose them. These items may need to be stored at your house until you or another person claims them, depending on the property type. You can store multiple units in your property separately to ensure that nobody is confused about which one belongs to.

Send Notice to Tenant

First, notify the tenant that they have ten working days to collect their possessions or you will dispose them. You should include all information necessary to locate and retrieve the property in this notice. You can dispose of any trash that has accumulated in the rental unit if the tenant doesn’t respond within ten business days.

Hand Over Belongings

Companies out will help you if your tenant does not respond or it becomes too difficult for you to handle on your own. They usually charge by weight or volume and can offer everything from furniture removal to junk disposal services.

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Unclaimed Abandoned Personal Property

If you have not received a response within ten days, you can dispose off their possessions. However, you must document your efforts in writing so that you are able to resolve any disputes down the line.


The tenant’s belongings can be sold online or at a yard sales.


If you feel charitable and there is nothing of value in your belongings, consider donating them to Goodwill or another charity that accepts household goods donations.


You can dispose of all items you don’t want by renting a dumpster. This is the best way to get rid of items quickly.

Hire a Dumpster Company

It can be a hassle to get rid of the belongings of tenants. It can be a pain to get rid of the stuff. Precision Disposal Of South Florida could provide a dumpster for rent in Port St. Lucie, click here for more info.


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