What does Beckham’s ex-mistress look like?

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The idyllic marriage of Victoria and David Beckham back in 2004 was on the verge of breaking up. The reason for the disturbed marital idyll was the alleged footballer’s affair with his personal assistant Rebecca Loos.

Namely, the famous football player and his assistant were first photographed in 2003 at the Ananda nightclub in Madrid. Rebecca was then showering David with attention, and the boundaries between private and business relationships were shifting more and more every day.

After the ‘ticklish’ photos came to light, the Beckhams soon issued a press statement denying the marital problems. Also, Rebecca was photographed several times in Victoria’s company in VIP boxes in stadiums.

However, the saga continued, and it was later learned that that same evening, David and Rebecca left the club together and headed to his apartment at the Santa Mauro Hotel. Revolted Victoria called Rebecca and threatened her to stay away from her husband.

Victoria and David overcame the crisis, and Rebecca took advantage of her five minutes of fame. She posed for ‘Playboy’ but also participated in some reality shows.

In the meantime, she married a doctor she met in 2008 in a reality show, where he was part of the medical team on the set. They fell in love after Rebecca was kicked out of the same and today they have two sons.

Today, Rebecca works at the COVID-19 testing center, but she is also a yoga instructor. She is planning additional training for a nurse because she says, she loves helping people and feels useful.

Recall, Victoria met David back in 1999 at a Manchester United game. Four years later, he proposed to her, and the following year they had their first child, a son, Brooklyn, whom they recently married to the famous Nicola Peltz.

David’s marriage to Victoria soared him to the stars and opened up a world he had never dreamed he would enter. By entering that world, he could not avoid scandals. Since 2002, several women have claimed to be his mistresses, and Victoria herself has spoken out about one incident. In her autobiography, she revealed that while she was pregnant with their first child, she attacked him when she heard he was accused of fraud.‘ I didn’t plan it. I haven’t hit anyone before. My hand took off. I was angry and hurt ‘, she wrote in her autobiography from’ Learning To Fly ‘





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