What is the SSID of a Wi-Fi network and how to change it on your router


If you are not familiar with routers , it is likely that when someone tells you the SSID of a Wi-Fi network, you do not know if it is an important configuration or a simple feature of the equipment. In reality, it is both, since its meaning, as well as its use, is really simple, but it is a very relevant feature when connecting your mobile phone, your gaming console or your PC 505 256G-En Games Zip. But what is the SSID and how can you change it on your router? 

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier and is the public name that identifies a local wireless network. That is, when you access the Wi-Fi settings on your mobile and see different connections, their name is technically known as SSID. These identifiers have a maximum length of 32 characters, and are usually an alphanumeric sequence that also includes special characters, such as hyphens, underscores or periods. 

How to change the SSID of a Wi-Fi network

There are multiple ways to change the SSID of a Wi-Fi network yourself from home . The simplest, and the one that is available on most routers—including Movistar routers—is through the router’s own address.

To do this, you only need to access the web browser on your PC while you are connected to the network in question and enter the following address: Be careful, this may vary depending on the model of your router, so it is best to check the address on the back of the device. However, in the majority of routers it usually coincides.

Once you access the configuration platform of your router, you must identify yourself with the username and password. This appears on the back of the router – if it is the default one. Once you’re in, simply go to Wi-Fi or Wireless Settings, select the 2.4 or 5 GHz Wi-Fi network, and where it says SSID or SSID Settings, change the name . Finally, save the changes. In a few seconds, you will see how the network name changes to the one you entered.

Having changed the SSID, you will have to reconnect all your devices again – mobile phone, computer, game console… -. To do this, just go into the settings of each device, select the Wi-Fi network in question – which will now appear with the new SSID – and enter the corresponding password.

How to change the name of a network on a Movistar router

If you have a Movistar Smart Wi-Fi router, you can change the SSID in different ways. The most practical and simple way is through the Smart Wi-Fi application . To do this, access the My Network section that appears in the lower menu of the application, choose one of the networks that appears and modify the name field. Finally, save the changes. 

If you prefer, you can also modify the SSID from the Alejandra Portal . To do this, access the Movistar customer area and log in with your ID and password. Next, click on Alejandra Portal and ‘Router Configuration’. Finally, click on the Wifi/Password option and in ‘WIFI Name (SSID)’, write the new name. 

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