10 Best WhatsApp Marketing Strategies for Successful Business

Are you interested in learning how to maximize WhatsApp Marketing for your company? If used effectively, WhatsApp marketing can increase your company’s ROI by up to 150 times! You may run an e-commerce company, a school of finance, a logistics firm, or a company in another industry, but WhatsApp is one of the best platforms for expanding your customer base and increasing your sales and income. This blog post will go over 10 WhatsApp marketing tactics that can increase your revenue by three times while also enhancing the customer experience. You should be aware that we’ll be outlining tried-and-true WhatsApp marketing tactics that you can use with the WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Business App. If you’re not familiar with the term WhatsApp Business API, you should definitely start by reading this guide. Did you finish it? Great! The best 10 WhatsApp marketing strategies for your company will now be discussed.

10 Best WhatsApp Marketing Strategies

1. Broadcast Promotional Messages

98% of WhatsApp texts are opened. The best method to contact a large audience & increase your sales is by sending bulk WhatsApp marketing messages & offers. Businesses can send promotional texts on WhatsApp starting in October 2021. In order to triple your company’s sales and conversions, you can bulk broadcast UNLIMITED WhatsApp promotional messages to users who have chosen to receive them. These messages can include discount offers, promos for holidays, messages about new products, season-end sales, and much more.

2. Automate Notifications & Reminders

For a variety of occurrences, such as orders, shipping, deliveries, abandoned carts, and more, you can integrate WhatsApp to send users automated notifications. In essence, you can automate notifications to be sent to a user’s WhatsApp account automatically whenever any event is initiated, such as purchase confirmation, delivery updates, appointment confirmation, reminder for an abandoned cart, and many other updates. All of the main CRMs, software programs, and e-commerce platforms, including HubSpot, Shopify, WooCommerce, Pabbly, OpenCart, and others, are integrated with OTT SEO. Automated notifications on WhatsApp are five times more effective than those sent via emails and SMS, and they will help you personalize your client communications.

3. WhatsApp Ads

You may generate leads instantly and lower your cost per lead by running Direct to WhatsApp Ads on Facebook and Instagram. Users who click on “Direct to WhatsApp Ads” are immediately redirected to your WhatsApp, where you may have a live 1:1 conversation with them. The fact that you will immediately receive a user’s name and mobile number when they use your WhatsApp is a significant advantage. (without having them fill out tiring landing page forms). Through OTT SEO, you may immediately run Click-to-WhatsApp-Ads on Facebook and Instagram and cut your advertising costs by up to 60%.

4. For three times more conversions, send WhatsApp retargeting campaigns.

Think about retargeting a certain audience that is more likely to buy your goods and services. With the help of clever Campaigns manager, a distinctive feature of AiSensy, you can do it right now. You can broadcast a WhatsApp Broadcast Campaign to a specific group of users using WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns. Let’s imagine you want to send a message to people who have:
  • Take a look at your WhatsApp broadcast campaigns.
  • Not read your broadcast advertisements
  • They’ve read your broadcast
  • Responded.on your previous WhatsApp Broadcast and clicked a button.
With WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns from AiSensy, you can accomplish this quickly.

5. Send Personalized Messages

The best platform for personalized customer communication is WhatsApp. With WhatsApp, you can send messages in a variety of entertaining forms with rich media, such as images, videos, PDFs, GIFs, and much more. Don’t forget that you may add emojis to the text to make it more unique!

6. Automate sales and support using a WhatsApp chatbot.

The greatest way to manage your business continuously is by integrating a WhatsApp chatbot. A WhatsApp chatbot behaves and reacts exactly like a human agent, quickly comprehending and answering questions. According to reports, a chatbot can effortlessly respond to 80% of customer questions. It can provide users with customized recommendations that enable them to make purchases without assistance from a human.

7. Use a WhatsApp button to divert website traffic to WhatsApp

The typical conversion rate for a website landing page is 2.35%. Engaging WhatsApp users, however, can increase this conversion rate by a factor of two to three. The most effective approach to do this is to incorporate a WhatsApp Button into your website. A WhatsApp button that you add on your website directs users to your WhatsApp account, where you interact with them, respond to their questions about your goods and services, and help them become customers.

8. Create and Distribute WhatsApp Links Globally

Sharing a WhatsApp Link across all Online Channels is another excellent technique to attract users to WhatsApp. A WhatsApp Link is essentially a link that sends users to your WhatsApp Business when they click it. The ability to share a WhatsApp Link anywhere is its main advantage. Share the WhatsApp link in your social media bios, posts, emails, and more.

9. Send messages with Call to Actions & Quick Reply Buttons.

Making your messages more interactive by adding clickable predefined buttons is one of the main use cases for the WhatsApp Business API.
  • CTA (Call to Action) – These buttons are all about encouraging your users to perform a certain action, like “buy now” or “sign up,” for example. These buttons are really practical.
  • Quick Replies — Quick Replies are buttons that let your consumers reply to messages without having to type them down.
Any button can be clicked to communicate with the company and include client comments. Observe the illustration in the feedback Use Case to see how Quick Reply buttons are used.

10. Establish Loyalty Programs

Businesses that provide loyalty programs outperform their rivals in profitability by 88%! Businesses can offer incentives to loyal consumers through loyalty programs. They make your present customers feel valued and help you draw in new ones. To increase repeat business by up to three times and attract new customers to your brand, you can host loyalty programs and provide rewards to WhatsApp users. The ten WhatsApp marketing methods listed above can help your company generate three times as many sales and return on investment.
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