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Real Estate Auction Consultant

There are many properties that have ended up in the hands of banks or the tax authorities for the most varied reasons. These properties are auctioned to be transformed into liquidity and it is precisely in these auctions that real business can be done. The operation of the auction itself is not complex but it is very important to know the various clauses or obligations associated with each property that is advertised. Without worrying about how to get popular on Instagram as an influencer. For further promotion of your skills you can make an instagram account. Thus the figure of the auction consultant was born: a professional who follows you in your search for the best property to buy at auction and throughout the purchase and possible resale process.

Real Estate Specialized in Rentals

If you hardly buy houses anymore, you certainly rent them, because you need a roof over your head. The greater mobility required by the modern way of life leads people to move much more than in the past and this has facilitated the success of real estate agencies specialized exclusively in rentals. Commercial soul and a real estate agent’s license are essential: the first must be sought within oneself to see if it exists, for the second it is enough to take a recognized course.

View the best operating franchises in the rental sector .

Medium and Long Term Car Rental

Long-term vehicle rental is an increasingly requested service and new innovative agencies have been created for this purpose. Very often they don’t even have a fleet of cars on site, but rely directly on a network that supplies them with the vehicles that customers choose from the catalogue.


The restaurant sector is always in first place in Italy for turnover and profitability as well as for innovation. Every year new original and successful formats are born in the restaurant sector that have led many new entrepreneurs to success. The elements that in this case cannot be missing for the success of the business are absolute quality, attentive customer service, passion and originality.


Poké is a vegetable and/or rice salad with chunks of raw fish, sauces and other ingredients of your choice, very fresh, healthy and really very tasty. It can be seen as a reinterpretation of sushi even if it is a dish of Hawaiian origin. It is certainly one of the most interesting new trends in the world of catering as it is very versatile: it is ideal for lunch breaks, it lends itself well to delivery and to be consumed at the moment in a frugal way. These elements are driving these activities a lot, which even in times of lock down manage to work well.

Car wash at home

An activity that is no longer new but that does not seem to stop its success is that of the home car wash. Convenience for the customer and a smart format for new entrepreneurs have led these mobile home car wash stations (often ecological, with steam or with ozone) to have ever greater success.

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