Which Degree Is The Best For a Motivational Speaker?


Motivational speakers come from different kinds of fields and backgrounds. Every motivational speaker has a vision, identity and expertise of their own which they leverage to deliver inspiring speeches to their target audience.

Motivational speakers come from different kinds of fields and backgrounds. Every motivational speaker has a vision, identity and expertise of their own which they leverage to deliver inspiring speeches to their target audience. The question arises: which degree is the best for a motivational speaker?

There’s no one answer to this, as it depends on what subject matter you want to select as a niche in your motivational speaking career. If your target audience is motivating students of a particular profession, say medical students, your words will be credible only if you have a degree reflecting your experience in a medical field. However in general, you don’t require a degree to be a motivational speaker in and of itself.

Read below to know more about how to be a Youth motivational speaker and what kind of degrees can assist you in developing your skills as a motivational speaker.

Do You Need A Degree To Be A Motivational Speaker?

While you don’t need a degree to qualify for being a motivational speaker, there is no harm in having one. The core criteria for being a successful motivational speaker is having compelling oratory skills, strong stage presence and being a relatable person in general for the audience. These skills are developed through copious amounts of practice rather than through a specific degree.

However, having a degree has its own benefits that can aid you in your degree towards being an influential speaker. For example, you may study English (assuming your main language of command is English) as your majors, which will help you develop creative writing skills you can leverage to write your own speeches.

Similarly, a degree such as a bachelors in Mass Communication, Marketing or Psychology may help you understand the art of communication and human psyche. This will assist you in understanding the mood of your audience so you can adjust your speech accordingly.

How To Be A Motivational Speaker?

There is no shortcut to be a successful motivational speaker. It involves consistent hours of practice and also a bit of market research so you know which topics your target audience are the most interested in. You’ll also need to face the audience numerous times, make mistakes and improve your oratory skills for the next session, till you reach a point where it becomes second nature for you to deliver a talk in front of thousands of people.

In the contemporary age, the importance of having a strong stage presence cannot be undermined, especially for a motivational speaker. Make sure to reach out to your audience on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. and post regularly. Social media marketing skills such as ad management can help you elevate your fan following so you can compete against other established motivational speakers.

You don’t have to be alone in your journey as a motivational speaker. If you do not have the time, energy or resources to entirely learn skills such as marketing, brand management etc. yourself, you can simply reach out to those skilled in these professions and focus solely on your oratory skills. This might require some investment at the forefront, but it is worth the cost.

Who Is The Best Motivational Speaker That You Can Learn From?

If we were to suggest the best motivational speaker that can serve as an inspiration for budding motivational speakers out there, it would be none other than Fahad Khan. He is a renowned Pakistani business coach, business strategist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, life coach and keynote speaker who has a track record of decades of experience in coaching young students to reach their full potential. 

In terms of academics, Fahad Khan is an alumnus of NAIT University (The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) and has extensive knowledge in the fields of marketing and entrepreneurship. This knowledge, combined with his practical experience, paved the way for him becoming a well-respected business coach. 

While he may be one of the most esteemed motivational speakers today, he underwent sheer struggle to make his mark in his profession. His quote below sums up a beautiful lesson that all those on their journey to be the next influential motivational speakers can learn:

“Just stay out, keep learning, keep building connections and you gotta hustle. If you’re just doing what everybody else is doing, you’re going to be settling for average.”

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