Who is the Dark-Bride to be?

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Megan Fox is re-writing the rules!

It looks like we can forget everything, and throw away all the traditional white wedding gowns and everything we were ever taught about bridal fashion and styles if we are talking about the famous actress Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, her husband to be.


After a romantic proposal in Puerto Rico, Fox and her fiancé  Machine Gun Kelly were seen strolling the streets, in Milan, Italy. No one was able to look away as The Jennifer’s Body actress wore a black net corset dress and showed off her husband to be, while promoting, and we must ad, owning her anti-bridal style. Megan simply rocked the black, romantic but edgy midi dress. The dress was created by Dion Lee. The netted crochet midi undeniably drew attention with chest cut-outs, intricate boning, and a separate corset bodice.

Over this iconic piece, which is a perfect match for her personality, Megan had a warm long black leather trench coat with a cheetah print on the inside. Speaking about accessories, the actress included multiple necklaces (including a charm necklace spelling “MGK”) and black strappy tie-up 4.5-inch heels from a Los Angeles-based sustainable label Femme. The heels are not only stunning but also cruelty-free and vegan.

MGK was such a bright contrast to Megan Fox’s dark and yet such feminine look. The rapper was in a fuzzy hot pink turtleneck, black-and-white plaid pants with zipper pockets, and black Chelsea boots, with his look completed by a silver chain and pearl necklaces.

 By now, we are all used to Fox and MGK’s extreme couple looks, although they never fail to amaze the online community and their loyal fans that simply love their vibrant and original style.

Last year, in December, the famous pair appeared at the launch event of the musician’s unisex nail varnish line, UN/DN LAQR, chained to each other–with the silver thread being attached to their pinky nails to keep them close together and show an amazing level of coordination.

Once again The Expendables 4 actress was unforgettable as she was in a hot see-through Mugler gown for the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards. The naked look, with amazing sparkling embroidery and a fantastic optical illusion created by the dark mesh, got loads of attention on the red carpet and caused a lot of chatter on the internet, the rapper who wore a glittering all-red pinstriped suit and silver facial jewellery, showed nothing but adoration and admiration for his wife to be.

We must add we are riddled with anticipation and simply can not wait for the couple’s big day! The couple must have something special in store for the wedding as it already must be a challenge to top their previous styling whenever and where ever they show up, and they always make it look effortless and easy! 





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