Why international schools run a CBSE curriculum when their students come from around the world?


International schools have gained more popularity globally since the curriculum is more application-based with practical theories. The international school students hail from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Children can learn more effectively in an environment like this and improve their skills by interacting with each other. So, CBSE has been popular among parents who want a more student-friendly curriculum for their kids. It can be one of the reasons that have led almost every international school to follow the CBSE syllabus and reduce the curriculum-based concerns of parents.


The CBSE curriculum in every international school has provided kids with a standardised, structured, and comprehensive education recognised globally. So, it becomes easier for students to enrol in any of the CBSE-affiliated institutions, helping them apply to universities worldwide for their higher studies. Below are a few reasons why international schools choose the CBSE curriculum even though their students hail from different parts of the world.


Focus on the overall development

CBSE curriculum is a well-researched and structured curriculum that enables students to learn at their pace. It encourages students to dive deep into education and make their own decisions. The curriculum focuses on helping a child enhance their personal and social skills, making them confident and independent to face educational and emotional challenges. There is equal emphasis on extra-curricular activities that enhance several other life skills of a student.


Student-friendly approach

CBSE curriculum is made interactive and exciting to help kids engage themselves while being holistically educated for a better world. Despite the opinion of most parents that CBSE is a more complex board than the state board, there is more enrolment in CBSE-affiliated schools. The syllabus is student-friendly, with fun activities and interactive assignments that enable children to gain better insights.   


Global acknowledgement

CBSE is a curriculum recognised worldwide and has become a global trend that has significantly surged the number of international schools across various countries. Students here get exposed to multiple groups of co-students, their cultures, backgrounds, and linguistic diversity. It enriches the educational experiences of every student as they interact with each other. Also, students educated in CBSE-affiliated international schools receive recognition globally in any of the universities.


Stress-free exam pattern

The CBSE-affiliated high schools in Tokyo have a structured and specific exam pattern. Students find it easier to appear for and pass these exams since they are student-friendly and stress-free without pressurising a child in a particular pattern to memorise the concepts and subjects. All this contributes to the child performing better every academic year. It also helps them delve deep into the content of every subject.


Preparation for competitive exams

Most of the CBSE study material in an international school comes from the NCERT books. It is an additional advantage while high school children prepare for competitive entrance exams in Tokyo. Also, the unique grading system of the CBSE board enables kids to become all-rounders and excel in any stream they choose as their profession. So, CBSE international schools are more popular among the choice of schools parents make on behalf of their kids.  


Besides the academic perspective, the CBSE curriculum in international schools broadens the horizons for cognitive development and several interpersonal skills. It spreads social and personal awareness among kids, enabling them to be self-reliant in making some of life’s crucial and essential decisions. It lays a strong foundation to help kids become responsible citizens of their country. 


One of the known facts is that the CBSE curriculum is followed by more than 200 schools across 28 countries. Overall, it is the most preferred curriculum, perfectly shaping and transforming the lives of millions of students globally.    


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