Why use half wave rectifier

Why use half wave rectifier

Why use half wave rectifier

Why use half wave rectifier

A rectifier is an electrical tool that converts AC to DC modern-day. A cellular telecellsmartphone can most effectively be charged expeditiously if a constant, consecutive voltage delivery is being supplied to it. Why use half wave rectifier

When the charger is attached to the mainline, the AC entry provided to its far 220 V, and this delivers whilst handed via the half wave rectifier charger, we acquire the output of 5V DC. This is viable with the aid of using the use of a rectifier withinside the circuit of the telecellsmartphone charger.

Here the voltage drop takes place with the aid of using the transformer, and the conversion of AC to DC takes place with the aid of using a tool called a rectifier.


Rectifiers are utilized now no longer only as an unmarried tool but have numerous makes use of in numerous gadgets. This is used to adjust the community systems. They are classified primarily based totally on the elements consisting of type, bridge configuration, and the additives which are utilized in it.

The rectifiers use the P-N junction kind of diodes that assist in changing the alternating modern-day to direct modern-day. To recognize the Uses of Rectifier – Types and Their Uses and Functions, all of the vital records are supplied thru Vedantu facilitating the scholars to recognize the standards even as additionally explaining a way to practice them in real-existence situations.

What is a rectifier?

Types of rectifier

Rectifier function

Full-wave bridge rectifier

Rectifier Function

A rectifier makes use of a P-N junction diode to transform AC to pulsating DC. This P-N junction diode lets in the waft of an electric-powered modern-day in an ahead-biased situation and blocks the electrical modern-day in a reverse-biased situation.

In easy words, a P-N junction diode lets in a unidirectional waft of modern-day. This precise characteristic of the diode lets it behave like a Rectifier. The beneath fig indicates an output waveform for the fundamental rectifier.

Types of Rectifier

Half-wave Rectifier: In this type of rectifier, the enter voltage is defined with the aid of using a sinusoidal wave for a high-quality 1/2 of-cycle.

Half-Wave Rectifier

A kind of electric tool that converts an AC voltage into DC voltage. Such a rectifier lets in the most effective one 1/2 of-cycle of an AC voltage waveform with the aid of using clipping the opposite 1/2 of-cycle.

These gadgets require the most effective unmarried diode to construct. The gain of the truth of the use of a diode is that it lets in the unidirectional waft of modern-day.

Fig.1 indicates the functioning of the 1/2 of-wave rectifiers, placing an AC waveform with high-quality and terrible cycles as enter strength and after rectification, we acquire the DC output strength without a terrible cycle.

Where ηmax   = 40.6 % (low)

Rectifier performance η is described because of the ratio of DC strength (Pdc) to the implemented enter AC  strength (Pac) wherein ηmax has a completely low value.

Uses of a Half-wave Rectifier

There are numerous makes use of a 1/2 of-wave rectifier, several of which can be said beneath.

Used in

Low-strength easy battery charger circuit.

Pulse Generator Circuits.

Signal demodulation circuits.

Firing circuits.

Soldering Iron circuit.

Amplitude Modulation (AM) Radio circuits as a Detector.

Full-Wave Rectifier

A Full wave Rectifier is a circuit that adjusts an alternating modern-day voltage right into a pulsating dc voltage with the use of each 1/2 of the cycle of the implemented ac voltage delivery.

It makes use of diodes of which one conducts for the duration of one-1/2 of the cycle even as the opposite diode stays off and conducts for the duration of the opposite 1/2 of the cycle of the implemented ac voltage.

Hence in this type of tool, We acquire a high-quality and terrible output cycle but one diode stops the modern-day waft the opposite diode conducts and lets in the modern-day. In this tool, for each, entry AC alerts both high-quality or terrible, the output DC is generated.

Full-Wave Bridge Rectifier

A Full wave bridge rectifier is a circuit employer that uses each 1/2 of cycles of enter AC and converts them to DC. There are four diodes (D1, D2, D3, D4) organized as a bridge. Therefore, this association is called a Bridge Rectifier

The Positive Half-cycle

During the high-quality 1/2 of-cycle, diodes D2 and D4  are ahead-biased and begin offevolved undertaking diodes D1 and D3 are reverse-biased as an open circuit. Thus, modern-day (i) flows via the burden resistor RL.

The Negative Half-cycle

During the terrible 1/2 of a cycle, the diodes D3 and D4 are ahead-biased even as D1 and D2 continue to be switched off. The modern-day waft via the burden is withinside the course as before.

Applications of a Full-wave Bridge Rectifier

Full Wave Bridge Rectifiers are on the whole used for the low price of diodes due to being lightweight and particularly efficient.

The vital makes use of the full-wave bridge rectifier are given beneath. Mobile phones, laptops, charger circuits.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) circuits to transform AC to DC. Our domestic inverters convert AC to DC.


Car Alternator to price the batteries for the duration of the strolling of the car.

The Need for Rectifiers

There are kinds of voltages that are discovered broadly and are categorized into both alternating voltage and MadPcb direct voltage. These voltages can effortlessly be interconverted primarily based totally on the circuit that has been used.

For example, the primary delivery for houses desires the most effective small quantity of DC voltage even as the primary grid most effectively affords alternating voltage. Due to this, it’s far had to convert the AC into DC which may be effortlessly finished with the assistance of rectifiers getting used withinside the circuit.

Why use half wave rectifier
Why use half wave rectifier

It also can be perceived in some other manner wherein there’s the interconversion

of modern-day taking location with the assistance of a rectifier. The alternating modern-day is being transformed to direct modern-day which maximum of the home equipment in a domestic will require. It is likewise visible that those rectifiers absorb each of the high-quality and terrible additives of the modern-day and convert it to at least one with the most effective high-quality additives. Why use half wave rectifier

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