Adele announced a new video on Instagram

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The British music sensation announced her upcoming new video on Instagram, where she is followed by more than 48 million fans, and her glamorous styling caused general euphoria.

She is in a striking red bare-shouldered dress. The singer was styled by Jamie Mizrahi and the gorgeous gown in question is a custom piece by Vivienne Westwood. With an apple in her hand, Adele looked beautiful and praise rained down on all sides.

The famous singer announced the release of a new video for the song ‘Oh My God’, which is expected to be released on January 12, and in less than 24 hours, the musician has gathered an incredible more than four million likes.

‘OMG Adele’, ‘Queen’, ‘You surpassed yourself’, ‘I can’t wait to see the video’, ‘You’ve never been prettier’, ‘Wonderful’, complimented her on this photo.

By the way, the new album of the world superstar born in Great Britain, called ’30’, broke all records and finished at the top of the world charts.

Recently, Adele showed her fans how she looks without a shred of makeup in a guest glam video by beauty expert Nikkie de Jager.

Among other things, Adele discovered that her natural eyebrows were bright and pale and that she began to dye them and learned all the tricks during the pandemic.

While Nikki was applying the ‘smoky eye’ technique, Adele stated that she adores beautifully made-up eyes, and an important item when applying make-up is her eyeliner.

In her free time, the singer prefers a very simple look. As she says, her hair is naturally quite wavy and curly, so she needs a little styling, and then she applies a shiny bronzer all over her face. That’s enough to make her look like she just arrived from the beach.

Recall, on the new album, she deals with this traumatic period, revealing the consequences of the divorce on her and her son Angelo.

While I was recording and listening to the album, I could think‘ Is this what I’m singing about in person? Am I opening up too much? ‘” She said in an interview with Oprah.

“But nothing is as terrible as what I’ve been going through behind closed doors for the last two or three years.

I’m not afraid people will find out too much about my personal life.

‘I want to live’

Although ballads we are used to can be found among the 12 songs on the album, her new album is different from the previous ones.

She combined the sounds of a pop keyboard with the sounds of Motown, reggae, afrobeat, and dance. But what stands out most on the album is her polished writing talent, presented through a wide range of voices that create a dark atmosphere.

In the song “Love in The Dark”, she sings about how she “wants to live, not just survive”.

“That’s exactly how I felt,” she said in an interview. “And it wasn’t until I realized that even my closest friends didn’t know I was actually unhappy that I wondered why I was hiding my grief.”

Through the album, she sought to answer her nine-year-old son’s questions about his father and their divorce. In the song dedicated to the son, we can also hear recordings of their conversations.





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