Angelina is reportedly dating him!

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The Weeknd’s new studio album has rekindled rumors of his relationship with Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. He released the album on January 6 this year, and in the song “Here We Go Again” he mentions his girlfriend who is a movie star and whom he adores.

Some say that the song is in the past and it may be that the couple has already broken up, but according to many, it is clear that the single is about Angelina Jolie. His fans immediately started writing about it on social media, but the famous alleged couple has not yet commented on it.

Rumors of their relationship began circulating last year when they were seen together at a restaurant in Santa Monica, and they hung out quite often after that.

It was a surprise for many because so far it was not known that they were connected by any friendship and rumors immediately appeared that there was something more than that between them. But it is interesting that the musician mentioned her even earlier in one of his songs and compared her to his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. On the other hand, Selena was linked to Angelina’s ex-husband Brad Pitt in 2016, while they were still married, after which The Weeknd released the song “Party Monster” in which they both mention them and compare their lips.

Angelina was recently linked to her ex-husband Johnny Lee Miller because she was filmed several times entering and leaving his apartment until the divorce lawsuit with Brad was still not officially over.

Recall, for almost her entire life Angelina holds the title of the most beautiful, and her weight, which has decreased drastically, has been written about constantly. Her noticeable thinness indicated that the actress was struggling with anorexia, and at one point in her life, she weighed only 35 kilograms.

Some members of her family were dying of cancer, and her mother, grandmother, and aunt struggled with the malignancy. In fact, in 2013, the media reported that Angelina underwent a double mastectomy. This procedure implies the removal of one or both breasts, completely or partially, to reduce the risk of cancer.

Two years later, the actress decided to remove both the fallopian tube and ovaries and was never shy about talking about her life decisions. She once told Time magazine how she felt at times when her mother was going through the chemotherapy process.

‘I remember once holding my mother’s hand while she was receiving treatment. Suddenly her hand turned purple and I had to run to get a nurse. Now there are new ways to identify the drugs best for chemotherapy for each patient, leading to fewer side effects. Although it’s still very difficult for the body,’ the actress said.

Most of her health problems hit her when she had a crisis in her marriage to Pitt. The turbulent timing and breakdown of the marriage favored the weakening of the Hollywood actress’ health. There was growing talk of drastic weight loss and her appearance.





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