Bolt doesn’t want to have any more kids!

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Famous sprinter Usain Bolt does not want to have more children because the role of the twin father “is not as much fun as people think”. The eight-time Olympic gold medalist, at the age of 35, said he felt “out of shape” and that coaching had become difficult for him after retiring for four years. In an exclusive interview Usain, the father of one-year-old Olympia Lightning and six-month-old twins Thunder and Saint Leo, confirmed that he has ended his fatherhood and does not want more children because he literally has his hands full.

“It’s me, I’m done, I don’t want to be right now. Being a father makes me busy, but I can’t say nothing bad. I have my hands full. Having twins isn’t as much fun as people say. Maybe when they’re a little older, but when they’re little “It’s not like that. I’m looking forward to seeing them grow up. I had my first child during the lockdown and it was okay because I spent a lot of quality time and helping, and that was my first experience as a father and it was okay,” Bolt revealed.

The father of three is in a long-term relationship with 31-year-old Cassie Bennett, and his New Year’s decision is to get back in shape at the Olympic level.

“I talked to my best friend and told him I really need to get back into the training program because I feel like I’m out of shape and Christmas and New Year are approaching so I’ll definitely dedicate time to exercising. I’m not terrible and I’m not bad, but I have to go back. It will be difficult, but it is something that my body and mind are used to, so I will easily achieve it if I try, it will not be so difficult. Every exercise is difficult, regardless of the routine “, said Bolt, describing the ways of his training.

“At home, I have a personal trainer with whom I work and use Peloton, and when I’m on the road I usually take a skipping rope with me and do cardio exercises in the room, sit-ups and things like that,” he said.

The Jamaican sprinter is no stranger to partying, as he was once filmed touring nightclubs after celebrating breaking the world record at the Olympics. And despite the fact that he now has three children under the age of two, Usain claims he still finds time to relax while his mom jumps in to take care of his young family.

“I don’t party as much as I knew before, but I still go out, especially if I travel. So I usually spend one night going out because they’re still young. As they get older, we’ll be able to leave them with grandma, but now they’re too young, so I have to be at home to help. Grandparents actually love grandchildren more than their children. thinking, ‘I’m fine too, thank you for asking,’ ”the famous runner says.





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