Boobie Billie is Instagram’s favorite dog with her own “human” fashion line

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Boobie Billie’s Instagram has been followed by a number of celebrities starting with singer Ariane Grande and actress Ariel Winter, and last year she became a sensation on social media thanks to her monochrome clothes and growing collection of tiny shoes and designer handbags.

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You can see this elegant dog on Instagram wearing jackets and state-of-the-art bags – starting with luxury fashion brands like Jacquemus, Prada, and Fendi.

She is followed by 280,000 people on Instagram, and that number seems to be growing day by day.

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After the female dog became recognizable by her miniature handbags and scarves, her owner decided to launch her own fashion brand as a true influencer.

The “Boobie.World” brand offers “Boobie Starter Pack” bags at a price of $ 270, as well as “Boobushka” scarves that cost $ 80 each.

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