Brigitte Nielsen gave birth at the age of 55 and she endures terrible insults online

The famous actress and her 15-year-younger husband tried to have a child for 10 years, and then daughter Frida arrived

Brigitte Nielsen gave birth at the age of 55 and she endures terrible insults online

Photo Credits: Profimedia

Danish model and actress Brigitte Nielsen (58) is the mother of five children, and she gave birth to the last child, daughter Frida, at the age of 55. This is her first child with her husband Mattia Dessi, after a decade of unsuccessful attempts at artificial insemination. Although she received an estimate that at her age the chances of success were 2.5%, Nielsen still managed to get pregnant and give birth to a beautiful baby girl.

"I always said I wanted to try until I ran out of any embryos. I have to get lucky at some point. And in the end, I did," the beauty said, adding that she had to take a lot of drugs and hormones.

"This is one very expensive game where you can win, and maybe not. Lots of drugs, hormones, just to eventually someone call you and say - sorry, you're not pregnant. It's devastating. Your partner has the same problems as you unless you're a single mother. You have to stay realistic, and if you're older, the odds are against you," Nielsen said.

She also admitted that she received a lot of letters and e-mails from other women, who praised her for her courage.

"Some find it funny, some think it's awful, and some like it. I really don't think it is anyone's concern. It's my husband, my life and we love what we do. When people tell me - well, you're 54, I respond - yes, well, what about all the men in their 60s, 70s, 80s? I recently saw Jeff Goldblum who just had another son at 64 and I said to him, 'Jeff, how are you, old father? ' Frida can tell me, 'Mom, you're an old witch,' and I say, 'Frida, I'm the best mom you'll ever have," she told The Guardian.

She also admitted that while most people support her decision, there are those who are very rude.

"On social media, 95% of people will congratulate you on your child and birthday. They will be happy because you are happy too, but there are always those who will write - how dare you, you are an old grandmother. You will die before the child grows up," admits the famous beauty.

By: Sarah R.