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‘Squid Game’ breaks all records!

'Hellbound', a new South Korean series on Netflix, briefly took first place on Netflix, but the month of November still ended too strongly in the sign of the globally popular 'Squid Game' Although the South Korean...

Channing Tatum prepares ‘Magic Mike 3’ for HBO Max

Tatum announced that the title of the new part will be 'Magic Mike's Last Dance ' and gave us a surprise: Steven Soderbergh returns as director.

Fans think Zack Snyder is making a new movie

In the clip, Snyder zoomed in for Thanksgiving turkey - with what appears to be a copy of DC’s Absolute Final Crisis comic in the background.

Everyone going to see the new Spider-Man

The American sites that offer tickets for the new sequel to Spiderman did not withstand the pressure, so not everyone was able to get the much-desired ticket

Will Smith shocked everyone with his biography

Smith is still one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors, and for his latest film ‘King Richard’, he collected $ 40 million.

A better look at Ms. Marvel’s new costume on set

We can finally see the costume that Kamala Khan will wear in ' The Marvels '. And the new image of the shoot has just come to light!

Hayao Miyazaki explains why he came back from retirement to do one more movie

We owe Hayao Miyazaki jewels like ' Spirited Away ', ' Howl's Moving Castle ' or ' My Neighbor Totoro ', classics from Studio Ghibli.

80s movies fans will be delighted with the new Ghostbusters!

Ivan Reitman persuaded his son, Jason, also a director, to make another film from the franchise After the female cast “Ghostbusters” comes a cinematic delight.

Scarlett Johansson back with Marvel with a “top-secret project”

Scarlett Johansson has received the American Cinematheque Award, presented annually to relevant personalities from the Hollywood industry.