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South Park released a “Post Covid” episode!

"They killed Kenny, motherfu**ers ...!". Now for real. Paramount + has released in the United States 'Post COVID', a new ' South Park ' movie!

Colin Farell’s transformation shocked everyone!

The plot of the BBC series, shown on HBO, is set in the era of the greatest whaling conjuncture, in the 19th century and Collin is one of the main characters

Inventing Anna teaser just came out!

Inventing Anna is an exciting new Netflix project about a mega scammer from New York. A teaser has just been launched and people everywhere are excited!

Hellbound overthrew Squid Game as the most popular series

After viewers went crazy for 'Squid Game', more South Korean series and movies found themselves in the spotlight, including the latest 'Hellbound' series.

Beforeigners – Premiere of the second season on HBO

The second season of the Norwegian Max Original series Beforeigners will premiere on December 5 on HBO. The SF drama begins with a shocking murder in Oslo.

‘Pam & Tommy’ the first trailer is finally out!

We had already seen Lily James and Sebastian Stan as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee for the series that will tell the story about their marriage and the sex tape

‘The Boys’ showrunner defines season three as “a meditation on toxic masculinity”

Soldier Boy ( Jensen Ackles ), the new character of ' The Boys ' that will debut in the third season, will give a lot to talk about. This is confirmed by Eric Kripke, who in an interview for Vanity Fair explains that...

Can the new South Korean series Hellbound repeat the success of Squid Game?

The story introduces a world in which individuals are told when and where they will die. As much as they flee, they are taken by giant creatures

“Squid game” director on season 2: “You leave us no choice”

Hwang Dong-Hyuk, the creator of the mega-popular Korean series "Squid Game", revealed that, due to the great interest, the second season will be filmed. The director and screenwriter for the American media spoke about its historic success on the Netflix platform.