Charlize Theron showed how to wear a summer dress during winter

Photo Credits : THE MEGA AGENCY
 Photo Credits: The Mega Agency

Although temperatures have dropped and warm clothing has taken over, 46-year-old Charlize Theron is still not ready to say goodbye to summer pieces, as she proved with her styling on the streets of New York, in which she walked on the way to the grand opening of the new Breitling store.

Just like a street style star, she is aware of the many stylistic possibilities offered by a slip-cut dress, and she made her long ivory version a seasonal piece with a black blazer with a relaxed cut and a pair of classic ankle-length cowgirls.

Like combat boots, models inspired by Wild West fashion this season are reputed to be a hot trend on the fashion scene, and if they are replaced by high heels in styling similar to Charlize Theron, the edition is as good as it get for the holiday party season.





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