Demi tattooed a spider on her shaved head!

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American actress and singer Demi Lovato (29) congratulated the New Year with a new tattoo. The two-time Grammy winner did a spider tattoo on her shaved head. Demi has more than 25 tattoos on her body for now, and it looks there is going to be more.

“It was grandmother spider who taught us many things. She taught us about pottery and weaving. She taught us about fire and light and dark. She taught us that we are all connected on the web each one of us having our place in this world.” Lovato wrote in the message.

Her tattoo was made by the celebrated master Dr. Woo who posted a photo of the tattoo on his Instagram. Lovato has more than 25 tattoos on his body.

The singer found herself in the public spotlight after she ended up in the hospital due to an overdose. Although she pointed out that she was completely cured of addiction and that she was sober, Demi admitted that she still consumes alcohol and marijuana, which infuriated the public.

Her life and private problems were constantly under the watchful eye of the media and the public. She suffered from depression, also she broke off her engagement, talked about broken family relationships, discovered that she lost her virginity when someone raped her, had a heart attack and three strokes, and is well known for her struggle with drugs and alcohol addiction that left traces on her appearance as well.

Demi is unrecognizable today, and she recently revealed that she is not a binary person. This means that she no longer uses the pronoun ‘she’ for herself but the plural pronouns ‘they’. Demi said that change represents diversity and freedom of expression.

Recall, she showed in her account the most extreme change of look that has been made in her entire career, as she decided to say goodbye totally to her hair.

The truth is that Demi Lovato is known for her radical changes of look – from crazy colors, cuts of varied styles, and hairstyles that show off her extravagant taste, however, it is undoubtedly this recent haircut is the most radical so far.

And that happened as a nod to the celebration of Christmas Eve and as a Christmas gift for herself and her fans, the former Disney Channel star showed off the most radical change of look so far, with her hair almost shaved.

As you can remember, just in January of this year, Demi Lovato changed her look and went crazy on social networks with short hair and pastel pink. However, now she has resumed the black tone and has practically shaved.

In the video recorded with FaceTime, as she revealed in the description of her publication, the pop star wrote that with her new look and a week before the end of 2021, her change of style was a new beginning.

On the official Instagram account, the video of Demi’s new look has reached more than 1,667,402 views in just a few days of sharing it with her 121 million followers on the social platform.





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