Ed Sheeran and Elton John have fun

Photo Credits : WireImage

Ed Sheeran (30) and Sir Elton John (74) presented a song that many hope will become the number one hit for Christmas in the UK this year. This musical duo didn’t want to complicate things too much around the title of the song, so they decided to break the ice with a title that everyone will remember well: “Merry Christmas”.

Sheeran danced in hot pants

The 30-year-old musician showed his wiggly side, so he danced in the video in an unusual “Santa Claus” edition in front of the legendary Elton. Sheeran’s hot, red shorts and sexy moves complemented this fun Christmas song.

Their sympathetic song features every Christmas cliché you can imagine, from gathering around a tree to kissing under a mistletoe. While everything sounds perfect and already seen, this party is a potential Christmas hit and a real refreshment on every Christmas list.

The competition is fierce

Christmas hit number one though is a song you all know singer Mariah Carey, “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.

In addition to this old hit, there are new songs that will make your holidays even happier. With their recent return to the stage, they continue to delight with new songs – so the ABBA group has prepared something for Christmas 2021.

This year, her new album simply rules all the top charts, even sales did not fall even before Christmas, so Adele’s hit “Easy on me” counts as a “potential” hit this Christmas.





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