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Before you leave for the umrah journey, there  are few things that you need to know about it . One should spend time in the remembrance of Allah Almighty and His Messenger. One should  embrace their loved ones, ask  them for forgiveness and ask them to make  dua.

The Umrah pilgrimage is an essential aspect of a Muslim’s life. Umrah can be performed at any time of the year, unlike Hajj, which has to be performed during the five days from the 9th-13th of Dhul Al-Hijjah, the 12th month of the Muslim lunar calendar.

In the sacred cities of Mecca and Medina, more than 750,000 people travel to perform the rituals of Umrah or Hajj every year or month. We can say that It is known to be  every Muslim’s dream to see the  Kaaba, at least once in their  lifetime. The experience you get by  performing this pilgrimage leaves a long lasting and life changing impact. It gives you a spiritual change. Therefore, before you are going for Umrah, make a lot of spiritual and mental preparations that will help you in your journey to the kaaba.

Things to carry with you:

  • Ihram
  • Towel
  • Set of socks and slippers
  • Umbrella
  • If essential, a prayer mat
  • Daily essentials (toothbrush, paste, soap, shampoo, tissues, etc.)
  • First aid kit, essential medicines.
  • Extra tools contain needles, scissors, and nail cutters.


It is a piece of clothing that is specified for men. Women can wear any type of attire. Whereas Iham for men are 2 pieces of white loads that are not stitched together.

There are few things that you need to know when you were ihram

  • Men cannot use perfume soap so you should purchase non perfumed soap
  • It should not cover the head of men so you should not cover yourself even from the sun
  • When you are getting ready you should take care of the cleanliness, which means you should cut your nails, remove pubic hair, and underarm hair.
  • It is compulsory for men to cut their hair. Taken cut them short or they can shave their head add that time
  • For women they have to wait until they get back to the water and they should cut or trim their hair.
  • Because it’s very important for women to maintain their modesty.

Before Leaving for your Umrah Journey

Before leaving for umrah these are the few things that you should keep in mind :

Seek forgiveness

Umrah is known to be an expedition for the mind, body and your soul. It is very much related to  personal and social life  in Islam, and therefore, it brings  a lot of joy and excitement to the families of pilgrims. Family, friends, and relatives gather around in their houses and  help the person going for Umrah in different manners. They help them to plan their pilgrimage, and arrange all the necessities they would need for the pilgrimage, which creates an atmosphere of peace, Serenity, and harmony.

Before you begin your umrah journey you should visit your neighbours, friends, mentors and teachers and they should seek their forgiveness for any wrongs/ hurtful actions they could have possibly done in the past. It is a very good  opportunity to clear your grudges and say  farewell before the pilgrimage. Furthermore, it is recommended that you should make duas for everyone you know while you are performing umrah.


Astawdi’ukumu-llaha-lladhi la taḍi’u wada’i’uh – Ibn as-Sunni (506), an-Nasa’i (508), and al-Futuhat (5/114). Ibn Hajar states that this is a ḥasan hadith


I now leave you to be in Allah’s care, the almighty who ensures that nothing entrusted to Him is lost.

Pay Zakat

Zakat is a part of one of the best five pillars of Islam that makes you a complete Muslim. So If you are getting ready for Umrah, it is essential to perform all duties and obligations that are expected of and bound upon the pilgrim. Helping those who are in  need through zakat is essential. It can be  in the form of food and money. As  donations is one of the essential deeds that is  to be performed  while one is going  to be a guest at kaaba Makkah.

Perform Salah and recite Duas

One is advised to perform  Salah and make duas  for different purposes and has  many different preferences. For those who are  going for Umrah, it is recommended to them to specifically pray for their safety during the pilgrimage. Pilgrims should perform two rak’ahs of salah for protection as they leave their house. Scholars recommend  a few Surahs that are  intended for the  well-being of pilgrims while they are going for and coming back from the Umrah.

After you have offered the prayer. make dua for a safe journey, calling for Allah’s help and blessings throughout their journey. Some of the most known prayers you should recite while leaving are:


Allahumma ilayka tawajjaht, wa bika-‘taṣamt. Allahumma-kfini m hammani wa ma la ahtammu lah. Allahumma zawwijni-t-taqwa wa-ghfir li dhanbi, wa wajjihni li-l-khayri aynama tawajjaht – Ibn as-Sunni (496) and al-Futuhut (5/11)


O Allah, to You I turn, and hold. Be my sufficiency, one that preoccupies me and also the one that does not. Forgive my sins, and always turn me towards the good and the pious.


Allahu akbar Allahu akbar Allahu akbar.
Subḥana-lladhi sakhkhara lana hadha wa ma kunna lahu muqrinin wa inna ila Rabbina la-munqalibun. Allahumma inna nas’aluka safarina hadha-l-birra wa-t-taqwa, wa mina-l-‘amali ma tarḍa. Allahumma hawwin ‘alayna safarana hadha, wa-twi ‘anna bu’dah. Allahumma Anta-s-Sahibu fi-s-safari wa-l-Khalifatu fi-l-ahl. Allahumma inni a’udhu bika min wa’tha’i-s-safar, wa ka’abati-l-manzari wa su’i-l-munqalabi fi-l-mali wa-l-ahl


Allah is the Greatest. Glory is to Him, who has provided us with this opportunity (for pilgrimage), which we could never have had with our own efforts. O Allah, we ask You for goodness and piety through our journey, and to make us do what pleases You. O Allah, make this journey easy for us and its distance quick to cover. You are our companion on the road and the One in whose care we leave our family. I seek refuge in You through this journey’s hardships, to save and protect us from the wicked sights, and also keeping our family safe upon return.

Exceptions for Pilgrims on Long Umrah Journey

Pilgrims have a long journey in order for them to reach Makkah. Some have to  fly across countries in order for them  to complete their dream umrah. However, traveling can be very exhausting but  there are some of their  exceptions that give them  relief. In past times, the pilgrimages were very  tough. They used to walk long distances in order to reach the holy mosque in Makkah to seek Allah’s blessings. In current times, people don’t travel as long distances and they are not so laborious,  but still it is tiring.

Praying during Umrah Journey:

If you are praying alone during the journey then, you can cut short your  Asr, Isha and Zohar salah from four rak’ahs to two rak’ahs. However, you have to pray your Maghrib and Fajr Salah as it is . Pilgrims must continue to perform salah this ways during Hajj or Umrah. unless their stay is extended for more than 15 days.

Combine prayers

You can also combine prayers. The method of combining two prayers in  one prayer time is called Jama’. This is valid in the Shafi’i, Maliki and Hanbali academies of reflection. It is not for Hanafis.

Pilgrims can combine prayers in two ways – one at the time of the initial prayer (known as Jama’ al-Taqdim) and the other at the time of the latter prayer (Jama’ al-Takhir).

  • Fasting during Umrah Journey:

If you are traveling in the month of Ramadan and can’t fast during your trip, you can postpone or put off your fasts.

  • Praying during a flight:

During your travel through a plane, one should perform all  the essential prayers without disturbing the other travellers.

  • Wudhu on plane:

Before wearing Ihram, pilgrims must   perform Wudhu by washing their face, arms, both feet and more than one-fourth of the head.

  • Face the Qiblah:

As it is important to stand while one is performing their prayer, so you  must face the Qiblah inorder for that you must  find the most suitable area where you can  pray while you are in a moving plane or train.

  • Salah on plane:

And as for Salah timings, you can begin your Magrib, Fajr and Isha by looking out of the window. Saudia airlines oftenly offers a specific area for you to perform Salah whereas some of the  other airlines don’t.

So, you can stand or sit in the prayer if there’s a space limitation or the plane is unstable. But, if you are unable to perform the prayers as per said then you can perform them again when you arrive at your destination.

  • In conclusion

All muslims must move on with this spiritual journey with a clear conscience and good intentions.Violence and misconduct of any kind are not acceptable. They ask for forgiveness and show their devotion to both Allah and humanity.

It is a journey that calls for one to practise love and generosity, as well as live a righteous life.

One of the key components of completing your Umrah pilgrimage effectively is praying everyday, fasting, and practising humility and generosity



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