Express Parking at PHL


Worrying about finding airport parking is the last thing anyone wants to be fiddling with on the day of a trip. Additionally, coming back and finding your car messed with after having left it overnight or for a few days on a long trip can be just as frustrating. Most travelers just want to get to their gate on time or get in their car and get home. So running into parking hassles and disappointments can almost be like rubbing salt in a wound, it really hurts!

Things became really frustrating when Philadelphia International Airport shut down its economy flights, primarily during COVID. While at first, this wasn’t much of an issue with people barely traveling during the pandemic, it became another story over the last year when travel was back in full swing. With such a limited parking spot inventory, empty spots started going for premium just to get a spot at all, including those who had to walk a few miles just to get to the terminal. No surprise, travelers who didn’t plan ahead found themselves circling for hours to find a spot. It was only when PHL finally opened up the economy lot again that relief was realized.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative at PHL to the frustration above. Savvy travelers have figured out that instead of fighting or scraping for a general parking spot, it’s a whole lot easier just to rely on Express Park — PHL airport parking. First off, the service has two locations opposite each other; one is on the north side and the other is located in the south lot. Second, the shuttle to and from Express Park is a speedy two minutes at best, far better than what could take up to 20 or 30 minutes in the general parking, assuming the bus is not crowded and you have to wait for the next one to come along.

Additionally, Express Park provides a secure lot where travelers are safe and their cars are secure. Unlike the general lots where basically your vehicle is left to its own (they even warn travelers with signs everywhere in the lot), Express Parking is dependable and safe. Given all the benefits, it’s a bit of a question mark why anyone would continue to keep using the general PHL lots after trying Express Parking at least once.


There’s a reason why Express Park has been voted the top choice for parking services at PHL. Come find out and you can get a discount rate as well!

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