Ford Puma ST: Perfect Small Car

Photo Credits : Ford/Promo

There are numerous approaches to designing and manufacturing a compact sports car, but the secret to their success is that they are cars with sports performance but that is also fully usable on a daily basis.

There is an entire dynasty of compact sports cars that evolved from a utility or conventional vehicles, and Ford has a lengthy history in this arena, particularly with its ST models.

Analyzed modelFord Puma
EngineST 1.5 EcoBoost 200 HP
Power200 HP
Maximum speed220 Kmh
O-100 acceleration6,7 s
Long wide high4226/1805/1533 mm
Max Power RPM 200 HP 6.000 rpm
Maximum torque Nm/RPM320 Nm
Gearbox6-speed manual

It stands between the Ecosport and the Kuga, and it competes with more and more models, such as the Peugeot 2008, in a market that continues to attract buyers who want the versatility of an SUV without the bother of a large, bulky body. For example, as a hybrid option for moving around the city and on the roadways.

Regarding the exterior appearance, the Ford Puma ST is totally honest, in that it provides numerous characteristics to demonstrate that it is not a typical Puma.

Inside the front part, the upper ventilation grille in black has changed the design of the elements and displays the ST logo in red, and further down, the lower grille, which is entirely in black, has been modified, as have the side pieces that are located on both sides and house the position lights and fog lights.

The spoiler completes this lower section with a black plastic cover that protrudes from it, giving this front section a more aggressive aspect. Furthermore, the words Ford Performance are etched on this plastic cover to indicate that it is a version developed by the manufacturer’s section dedicated to planning and performing the necessary adjustments to get greater performance from street vehicles.

The design makes access to the front seats a little more difficult, but that is to be expected in a car of this kind. Other racing design elements included in the cabin are the gear knob, steering wheel design, and door trims that display the words Ford Performance.

The display behind the steering wheel is digital, similar to previous Ford models. However, in this situation, it provides extra information such as oil temperature, pressure, and the ability to select alternative driving modes.

These are enabled by a selector, and we can choose between regular mode, eco mode, Sport mode, and Launch Control to boost traction when starting from a stop.

The information and entertainment system screen, on the other hand, is the same as in the rest of the Puma lineup and is perfectly located at the top of the dashboard so that you don’t have to look away from the road.

It features a set of physical buttons on the dashboard that allow you to access different functions without having to go through the touch screen menus, which is always welcomed…

The trunk of this Ford Puma is quite large, reaching 456 liters, putting it almost on a scale with larger SUVs. The available space is quite consistent, and the rear seats fold down smoothly, resulting in a total load capacity of up to 1,216 liters.

But, without a question, the moment of truth for this Fort Puma ST is when we start the engine to start up. It is a Ford Ecoboost series propeller with 200 horsepower. The engine features direct injection and a turbocharger with an intercooler system.

The acceleration is excellent; according to the manufacturer, it can go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 6.7 seconds, and the engine revs up smoothly. The brakes are likewise designed for sports use and are incredibly efficient, allowing the car to slow down in tight areas despite extensive testing.

Excellent elements include a great engine, an unrivaled cornering personality, and a racing aesthetic that implies but does not saturate.





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