Get fuller lips in a few steps!

Photo Credits : Andrey Zvyagintsev/Unsplash

The trend of full and perfectly shaped lips is at the peak of popularity.

Regardless of age, all ladies love them, so they try to achieve the effect of thicker and bigger lips with different methods.

Try some of the following tricks. Choose what suits you based on the effect you want to achieve.

1. Passionately red

Simply tighten your lips by pressing them together. Take a red lip liner and apply it to the visible surface with quick movements.

Let the pencil go lightly into the oral cavity and thus apply the color to the entire surface of the lip. Then put the lip liner aside and take the red lipstick.

2. Juicy and full

Use two colors. Apply a darker shade in the corners and on the outer part of the lip, and a lighter one in the middle of the lip. This is how you achieve the natural look of full lips.

Frame your lips with a dark lip liner and fill them so that only the middle remains without a line. After that, apply a lighter lipstick in the middle, so that it blends with a darker lip liner.

3. Completely different shape

Yes, it’s true! With the help of one make-up trick, you can completely change the shape of your lips.

Apply the foundation to the corners of the lips with a sponge or make-up brush. Don’t skip this step, because you are actually covering the corners with it, because it does half the job of changing the shape.

Then, with a lip liner, apply one rounded or heart-shaped line on the upper and lower part, depending on what you want to achieve. It is important to omit the corners of the lips when drawing.

Apply the lipstick of the desired color on the middle part. Breaking the rules when it comes to makeup can be a lot of fun, right?





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