Gisele: 'I led an extremely unhealthy life!'

Gisele Bündchen used to be undisciplined when it comes to diet and alcohol.

Gisele: 'I led an extremely unhealthy life!'

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The highest-paid model of all time, today is known for her rigorous way of exercising and eating, Brazilian Gisele Bündchen recently revealed that she has not always taken care of her body and health. At the beginning of her career, when she was in her twenties, she led an extremely unhealthy life, and the doctor warned her that if she continued like that, she could end up fatal.

'On the outside, it seemed like I had everything, and I was only 22. Inside, I felt like I had hit rock bottom. I would start the day with a Frappuccino with milk and three cigarettes, and I would drink a bottle of wine every night. Imagine what that made to my mind,' the 41-year-old Brazilian told British Vogue. 

She also suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, so her friend recommended a doctor who deals with neuropathic medicine, an expert who advised her to start with total detoxification. She had to get rid of all sugars, grains, dairy products, alcohol and cigarettes. When she switched to a healthier lifestyle, Gisele felt a strong crisis.

'I think I've had the worst migraines in my life. The doctor, who was French, called me Adrenaline. I remember him asking me, 'Do you want to live? ' and that definitely helped me. Three months later, the symptoms caused by the addiction crisis completely disappeared,' and Gisele completely changed her lifestyle. Now she got up at five o'clock and meditated every day, and after that, she exercise. Even today, when she is a happily married businesswoman and the mother of two children, she devoutly adheres to all healthy habits and discovers that she feels better in her forties than when she was twenty.

Recall, every morning Gisele gets up around 5 or 6 am to the sounds of the ocean calming her. Preparations for the day begin with a fifteen-minute rinse of the oral cavity with coconut oil, which is an Ayurvedic recipe that cleans teeth and gums. After taking the dogs for a walk, she meditates for five minutes to soak up the new day and sips warm water with half a lemon while preparing a school meal for the children.