Guide To Activities And Attractions In Canberra


Although many people automatically think of Sydney when the topic of Australia’s capital is brought up, they are extremely confused because Canberra is the actual capital of Australia. We agree that tourism does not play a particularly important role in this relatively new capital, but we also find ourselves in a fascinating city with a wealth of things to discover.

Canberra, the nation’s capital, is home to the government and other key institutions, but it is also a dynamic metropolis that offers a variety of cultural activities and intriguing places to explore. In addition, much like other major Australian cities, it has a wealth of natural environments to offer. If you are willing to go there anytime soon. Without any doubt, start planning, make singapore airlines bookings in any class, and save up to 65% off on round trips on every flight. To assist you, take a look at the best things to do here in Canberra.

Pay the Palace of Westminster a visit

If you are the type of person who wants to learn everything there is to know about a country’s history, politics, and culture, then you must visit the Australian Parliament House in Canberra. By attending one of the open sessions held at this state-of-the-art structure in the nation’s capital, we can obtain some insight into the democratic system of this country.

Take advantage of diverse markets

The renowned markets at the former bus depot It is a market comparable to those found in any city, and it is located in the most alternative and modern part of the city. After our tours of the institutions, we will be able to access a much more relaxed portion that will have a market with food stalls, discounts, and clothing of various types.

Relax amid the natural landscapes of Canberra

Because Australia prioritizes its relationship with the natural world, the country is replete with natural sites for tourists to explore. National Arboretum of the United States This is a beautiful spot for those of us who are interested in the natural world, as it contains a center that provides information on Australia’s forests. There are as many as 48,000 trees in this location, and there is also a restaurant, making it an ideal area to take a break from travel while learning about other elements of Canberra.

Participate in activities on the city’s most recognizable body of water

El Lac Burley Griffin It is a lake whose 35-kilometer diameter astonishes visitors with its beauty. People are mostly intrigued by it due to the fact that it is a man-made lake in Canberra that is utilized for a range of water activities. You can spend the day here, wander along the lake’s shore, or even try windsurfing or kayaking. Another location with exceptional natural beauty.

Hike Mount Ainslie

People in Australia are supposed to have a strong connection to the natural world; perhaps this is why there are so many breathtaking natural places so near to the cities. Ascents of Mount Ainslie can be good for individuals who have difficulty standing on asphalt for extended periods. A fantastic opportunity to engage in physical activity and enjoy the natural surroundings while being close to the city. The trails are clearly marked, and a significant portion of them are accessible by foot or bicycle.

Explore the continent of Australia’s past

There are venues such as the Australian War Memorial for travelers who feel obligated to learn about the history of any country or city they visit. It is a memorial that recounts the history of Australian troops from colonial times to the present. Consequently, those who are interested in the nation’s history will find this place to be ideal.

How to reach Canberra?

By air

Looking for flights to Canberra? We are delighted to welcome you to Canberra Airport, the entry point to the Australian National Capital. This airport will be the first to welcome you to this beautiful city and the last to bid you farewell before you continue on your journey.

By train

The direct train ride from Sydney to Canberra is one that should not be missed. It will take you four and a half hours to reach the destination, which is the Canberra Railway Station in Kingston.

By road

Hop on and off the Red Explorer Loop Bus at your leisure to tour all of the key sights. Mount Ainslie, the Parliamentary Zone, and the Embassy Precinct are just a few of the notable landmarks that can be observed along this one-hour-long journey.


Despite this, Canberra is a beautiful destination to visit, especially for its museums and embassies. Constructed midway between Melbourne and Sydney, two cities competing for the title of Australia’s capital at the time. So why wait? Book a trip to Australia with AirlinesMap and enjoy a hassle-free trip.

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