Jeff Bezos celebrates his 58th birthday today

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Amazon founder and one of the richest people in the world, Jeff Bezos is celebrating his 58th birthday today. He started his own multimillion-dollar company from a garage in 1994, and a few months ago, when its shares rose, it became ‘heavy’ at 211 billion dollars, thus breaking the world record. During his enviable career, he also managed to provoke Donald Trump, who called him names on Twitter, and his love life filled the covers of world tabloids. 

The beginning of a career 

In July 1995, experienced incredible success. Namely, Amazon was already shipping books across the United States and 45 other countries. Given that the company did not have enough resources at the time, Bezos had another job in addition to the position of director at Amazon. But that was just the beginning as the company grew at an incredible rate. In a 1997 interview, Bezos revealed that he chose the bookstore because the demand for books and music was most in demand at the time.

At the age of 34, Amazon’s unexpected success prompted him to expand his offering to electronics, toys, and clothing. Since then, Amazon has experienced unprecedented growth in all categories and swept the competition. Although it seemed that the company could not be more successful Bezos introduced to the world Amazon Prime which revolutionized online commerce and for only $ 79 a year customers got incredibly fast and free delivery in just two days.

Prime day in 2013 is one of the most important moments for Bezos 

Amazon Prime today has more than 150 million subscribers worldwide and even its subscribers have their ‘holiday’, Prime Day On the eve of the Christmas holidays 2013 was one of the highlights of Bezos ’career and future plan in building the Amazon Empire.

Namely, one of Amazon’s package delivery partners, UPS, failed to deliver all the numerous packages before Christmas, and this was a crucial moment for Bezos and Amazon because that’s when he started thinking about starting his own delivery service. Just 8 years later Bezos launched Amazon Logistics or AMZL and again swept all the delivery service competition.

Of course, the success of Bezos ’career could not have gone without a conflict with former President Donald Trump in 2015. As everyone already knows, in addition to being the 45th American president, Trump was also an entrepreneur. An argument between him and billionaire Jeff took place on Twitter, and it all started when Trump criticized Bezos’ ownership of The Washington Post.

Scandal and affair

As befits the rich and famous, the scandal and affair did not bypass this billionaire either. Until 2019, Jeff Bezos was married to  MacKenzie Scott  (51), today one of the richest women in the world. But during the marriage he failed to remain faithful. He cheated on his wife MacKenzie with his current girlfriend  Lauren Sanchez  (52).

Private text messages were published by the tabloid National Enquirer, which also threatened Bezos to publish their intimate photos. Shortly after Scott’s divorce, Bezos went public that he was in a relationship with TV journalist and presenter Lauren Sanchez. For the past two years, the couple has enjoyed every moment together. From numerous vacations on expensive yachts to socializing with other moguls and celebrities.

After all the scandals, the divorce did not endanger his title of the second richest man in the world. In 2020, Bezos’ net worth reached $ 202 billion, making him the first person in the world to cross the $ 200 billion threshold. Since then, he has been surpassed by the current richest man in the world,  Elon Musk  (50), the CEO of Tesla.

“Never stop experimenting, doing, and even failing, to stay relevant. I remind people that every day is the first day “ said Bezos.





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