Jennifer Aniston’s awesome morning routine

Photo Credits : depositphotos

Despite the countless acting roles that Jennifer Aniston took on in the decades after the broadcast of the series “Friends”, she will forever remind us of her role as Rachel Green. Jennifer has opened an Instagram account among the last stars of Hollywood, and she is already followed by 40 million fans who absorb her every word and advice. Women admire her youthful appearance, because Jen has almost no wrinkles, even though she is 53 years old.

She recently discovered what the “secret ingredient” of coffee is that she starts the day with – she regularly adds a teaspoon of collagen. More and more women are “swearing” by this dietary supplement, and science has long proven that this protein is present in many tissues. It is important for bones, cartilage, nails, and even for hair and skin. However, many studies have shown that not every collagen is the same – hydrolyzed collagen is best, as are preparations that contain collagen peptides.

For better use of collagen in the body, it is important to have enough vitamin C, so Jennifer decided to use just such a preparation. In addition, its selected supplement also contains hyaluronic acid. However, no research has yet shown whether collagen taken orally actually “reaches” the skin or hair directly. 

The situation is different with collagen that is injected into the body, for example, in the knee where the cartilage is endangered.

Nutritionists emphasize that it is not necessary to buy very expensive preparations in order to provide the body with the necessary amount of collagen. It can also be obtained from bone broth, while vitamin C can be found in healthy foods such as lemons, oranges or cabbage, and peppers.

It should not be forgotten that Jennifer Aniston has just gained her wealth thanks to advertisements such as her collagen announcement. This, of course, does not mean that she does not use it, but if you decide to consume it in the morning, do not put it in hot coffee but in a glass of water, or a cold smoothie.





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