Mackenzie Phillips: ‘I slept with my father’

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Mackenzie Phillips‘ life story shook the world from the ground up, and she told it all in an interview with Oprah in 2009. Over the years, world-renowned presenter Oprah Winfrey has brought guests to her show to reveal their deepest and most poignant secrets that have left the public speechless.

And yet, one of the stories, in particular, remained in the memory of viewers. Yes, you are right, the story of Mackenzie Phillips. The former children’s star Mackenzie Phillips had a horrific confession that revealed things that made people horrified. Namely, the famous presenter celebrated her 68th birthday a few days ago, so the foreign media recalled some of the most memorable moments from her career, and the recognition of the scandalous star was at the very top of the list.

She found herself in Hollywood circles because of her father, John Phillips. He was a famous musician from the then famous band ‘The Mamas & the Papas’, and then appeared in ‘American Graffiti’ and the children’s hit series ‘One Day at a Time’.And while the famous John seemed to many like a benevolent rocker, the truth was quite the opposite. Namely, Mackenzie admitted in her confession that she was in incest with her father. She claimed it was all caused by drug problems that she and her father had. 

“The night before my wedding, my father came determined to prevent it. I swallowed a bunch of pills, and Dad took a ton of everything and everything. In the end, I fainted on my dad’s bed, “said Mackenzie.

Her father was a man who knew no bounds. He was full of love and sick of drugs. She woke up that night from unconsciousness and found that she was having sex with her own father. Has this happened before? She doesn’t know. She said that she remembers that night as the first time she was aware of it. She had a feeling that she was in her body for a moment, in that horrible truth, and then she slipped back into unconsciousness again.

Her father passed away eight years before she decided to make the scandalous information public, and today she regrets that she did it that way.

“Once our secret came to light, everything got out of hand. But the only thing I would actually change was the way my family found out about everything. I needed to better prepare them for everything,” she once said.

In her autobiography, Mackenzie also described a turbulent childhood and admitted that her father offered her cocaine when she was just 11 years old. As she herself stated, they had been in a sexual relationship for a full ten years, and she broke up after she became pregnant. She wasn’t sure who the father of the child was, and it was her father who paid for her abortion.





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