Make your photos even more beautiful! Try this simple WhatsApp hack

The system compresses multimedia content to make it easier to transfer and save space which causes the images you send via WhatsApp to be of lower quality

Make your photos even more beautiful! Try this simple WhatsApp hack

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

WhatsApp is one of the most popular platforms in the world, which people use to stay in touch with family and friends. The app has a number of features, and one is sending photos and videos. However, the system compresses multimedia content to make it easier to transfer and save space.

This means that you can make a recording in 4K resolution on the iPhone 13, which will be of lower quality until it reaches the recipient.

Testing in progress

Fortunately, there is a very simple trick for Android and iOS devices that allows the content to arrive in full resolution/quality, as well as the original version.

Before we explain the procedure, we remind you that WhatsApp is currently testing the option to select the quality of sending photos and videos, but it will not reach the user yet.

iOS phones

If you have an iPhone, find the content you wish to send, (e.g. a photo) then select the Share and Save To Files options. Now activate WhatsApp and select the Send document option (instead of Send image) to "trick" the system into sending the document.

The photo will reach the recipient in full quality, regardless of the fact that it was sent in another format.

Android phones

If you have Android, all you have to do is click on the "clip" and select Document. Find the photo you want and submit. It's that simple!

There is also the possibility to rename the photo to PDF and send it that way, after which the recipient should convert it to the original format.

Find Files among the apps, select the desired image, click on Rename (three dots in the upper corner) and save it as a PDF.

By: Helen B.