Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves love story

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Hollywood actor Matthew was a happy single man until a fateful encounter with his current wife Camila Alves. They met 15 years ago.

Matthew and Camila are known today as one of the happiest and most beautiful Hollywood couples, and their love story could easily serve as a screenplay for a good romantic movie.

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The couple met in 2006 at a club on Sunset Boulevard, and while the famous Oscar winner was fascinated by the Brazilian beauty, she did not even recognize him at first. Specifically, Camila was not at all impressed with his status as a movie star. Matthew had to work hard to win her over and wanted to show her who he was and what she really meant to him. He was going out with his men’s team that night when he saw a beautiful model out of the corner of his eye, so he invited her and her friends to join them.

In the end, they came, but Matthew saw clearly that he did not delight her. Even more interesting was that she spoke to him for the first time in her native Portuguese.

“I understood Portuguese better then than in our nine years relationship,” he told on one occasion.

However, when you ask Camilla about that night, her view of their first meeting is completely different.

“We met in Hyde, of all places and had two interactions at the bar. First, I didn’t know who he was. He had a very long beard at the time and was wearing a hat. He was all camouflaged, I didn’t really understand who is he, ”she admitted.

Hollywood actor pointed out that he was happy as a single man: “I didn’t ask. I was very happy alone. I slept well, I was spiritually healthy, I hung out well with myself. But when we went out on our first date, after the meeting at the club, I knew I wanted to go on a second date again the next night. And the next night after that I wanted to go on a third date. And then I wanted to go on dates with her for the next nine years. And with no one else. “

Recalling why he felt so safe, he discovered that it was because of the self-esteem she had for herself, for her family, and the way she respected him, but she never took anything for granted.

These feelings were mutual. In July 2008 the couple had their first child, a son Levi. After a while, in January 2010 they had a daughter Vida and a son Livingston came in December 2012.

They got engaged on Christmas 2011 and secretly married in June of the following year at their home in Austin. There was a very specific reason for that.

During an interview in 2012, Camila admitted that she was surprised that they got married at all.

“I think it’s something we’ve evolved into. So, I wasn’t really a girl who wanted to get married and dreamed about it. Actually, I told my parents not to expect me to get married. For me, the most important thing was to make sure our home was quiet, that he was healthy, that the children were good. I didn’t know how important the wedding was and how special it is really until I went through the ceremony. “

Over the years, they were repeatedly asked what their secret was and it turned out to be everyday things like hanging out at home, cooking together, spending time together but they also said that sometimes they ran away to a hotel ten minutes away from home.





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