PNY MicroSD XLR8(R) GAMING, for performance

Photo Credits : PNY/Promo

Simply looking at the characteristics of the new PNY MicroSD XLR8(R) GAMING memory reveals that, as the name implies, we are dealing with a concept obviously oriented at consumers with particularly high needs in the area in question.

For performance, particularly speed.A need that may be applied to a variety of activities, the most prevalent of which being gaming. And, as we all know, the PC and consoles were no longer the exclusive platforms for gaming.

Today, we have smartphones and tablets, as well as a wide selection of portable consoles, some of which have performance comparable to that of a laptop or desktop PC, devices with powerful CPUs and GPUs, a large amount of RAM, and high-resolution screens.

However, and this is a problem for many users, storage capacity is usually restricted, and as a result, it fills up with time. This is where the PNY MicroSD XLR8(R) GAMING concept comes into play.

And it’s that, while memory cards often compete in worse conditions with internal memory, we can expect up to 100MB/s sequential reading and 90MB/s sequential writing from the MicroSD XLR8(R) GAMING, making it a U3/V30/A2 memory card.

Photo Credits: PNY/Promo

Or, to put it another way, an external storage medium capable of providing the performance required for both high-definition video recording (4K Ultra HD) and the operation of very demanding apps in terms of data reading and writing speeds.

With the speed given by the PNY MicroSD XLR8(R) GAMING cards, we can not only store and access data on them fast, but we can also use them to install software, including games, without affecting our performance. If, for example, we use a portable console and want to always have a good selection of games with us, this is an excellent alternative.

The PNY MicroSD XLR8(R) GAMING is a MicroSDXC card featuring a UHS-I bus interface that was announced at the same time as its release. It comes in two capacities: 128 and 256 gigabytes.





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