Questions That Will Make Your Love Life Better

Photo Credits : unsplash/Nathan McBride

When you start a relationship, there are some questions that will not come to your mind straight away. But those questions can be very important to ask yourself as soon as possible:

Do you have similar values?

In the beginning, it all comes down to respecting your partner’s values. Also, he is there to respect and acknowledge your values, whether they are faith, spirituality, health, or something else. Think about your and your partner’s priorities. If you have similar priority lists, then you are well and on the right path.

Do your families accept you?

While you may not always get along with his family, respect their relationships. Accept his connection to them. Some people are attached to the family, some are not. Your job is to go with that relationship, not against it. If he is not thrilled with your parents and makes you choose between him and them, run away from him.

What is sex like?

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when talking about bonding, but it is certainly crucial. Sex is an important part of our lives. If you like different things in bed and feel uncomfortable then you need to consider whether you really want to be with that person. Sex and attention are important. As a couple, you will face many challenges such as children, career, money problems. Intimacy helps you survive such problems more easily. Make sure you are mentally compatible. Ask yourself if I will be sexually attracted to this person for the next five years. Or 50.

What does he think about children?

This question is the reason for many interruptions. You need to know what your partner thinks about it, so you don’t miss what matters to you. Dear ladies, another well-intentioned piece of advice: if he doesn’t want children, don’t bother to change his mind. Unfortunately, this is a topic on which there are no compromises.

Does he fit into your future?

This is probably the biggest test of the length of a relationship. First, ask yourself where you will be in 10, 20, or even 50 years. Do you see yourself with your current partner? Through conversation with him, come to the answer – do you have a similar picture of how you would like your future to look? Talk about all your future goals: money, career, travel…

Are you equal?

Equality in a relationship is very important. You need someone who will communicate honestly with you; who will listen and share the sense of equality. Although it sounds simple, many women do not often have this in mind.





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