Shakira was attacked by wild boars during a walk in Barcelona park

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Shakira claims that she was attacked by a pair of wild boars while walking in a park in Barcelona with her eight-year-old son Milan, writes the BBC.

The animals attacked her, stole her bag, and went into the woods. Shakira still managed to take back her bag, but it was all torn.

They’ve destroyed everything,‘ the singer said.

Look what the wild boars, who attacked me in the park, made of my bag. They took my bag into the woods with a cell phone in it. They’ve destroyed everything,” the singer said on Instagram Story in which she could be seen holding a dirty torn bag.

Then she turned to her son, who witnessed the event:

Milan, tell the truth. Say how your mummy stood up to the wild boar,” she said to him while trying to catch her breath.

Shakira lives in the Spanish city with her two children and husband Gerard Piqué, who plays for Barcelona.

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