Viewers are in shock: Damian Lewis will not be seen in the new season of the series ‘Billions’

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What an incredible joy to spend five years working closely with the great @lewis_damian!’ Wrote ‘Billions’ executive producer Brian Koppelman on Twitter after the 50-year-old actor left.

David Levien and I are immensely grateful, Damian, and I are beyond grateful to you, Damian, for the work, of course, and the fellowship, and for all you sacrificed to come do this with us,’ the producer added. 

Damian Lewis responded by tweeting that it was “a pleasure and a privilege to play Axe for 5 seasons with some of the smartest, funniest most talented cast and crew” and added that he will miss the show. 

It is speculated that Lewis ’position will be taken by Michael Prince played by Corey Stoll (Prince is a character who first appeared in the fifth season).

There’s a chance I’ll be back,’ the actor told the New York Times about his departure. It happened after a great personal tragedy. Lewis ’wife, esteemed actress, star of the‘ Peaky Blinders ’series Helen McCrory, died of cancer at the age of 53, in April. Lewis remained grieving with his 14-year-old daughter Mannon and 13-year-old son Gulliver.

By the way, Lewis has already left one series produced by Showtime. Namely, he left the ‘Homeland’ series after the third season.

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