Should CATS be taken for a walk?

Photo Credits : Mikhail Vasilyev/Unsplash

Have you ever wondered if you need to take your cat out into the fresh air? When you see dog owners walking down your street, sadness must have overwhelmed you because your cat is locked in the apartment.

If you also have a walking leash for cats, the real question is: Will it accept it and walk around on the leash normally?

Just because your cat likes to sniff around the hallways of your building, it doesn’t necessarily mean it needs a walk in an urban environment. Also, cats that often stand by glass doors or windows, and look at the outside world, are not always ready for what awaits them there. In fact, you won’t know if a walk on a leash would suit it until you put it on.

What you will need if you want to walk your cat on a leash is definitely patience. Partly because cats are very flexible and agile, so a classic collar is not an option, because it increases the probability of escape. Another reason is that the collar can very easily tighten the cat’s neck too much, and lead to suffocation. In that case, a leash with a harness is the best option. And of course, the sooner you start getting your cat used to the leash, the more successful you will be in that endeavor.

Before you put the harness on the cat, let her sniff it and get to know it. If it seems to you that the acquaintance went well, try to put the harness on it and let it move around the house with it. It takes time for it to get used to this new thing on itself. After a few days of exercise, try to attach the strap, but do not pull it immediately. Let it drag it around too. When it realizes that it is not a threat, go for a walk around the house. If you succeed, you can go out into the yard.





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