Should you brush your hair while it’s wet?

Photo Credits : Raphael Lovaski/Unsplash

When it comes to hair, there is no better feeling than when we can pass through it smoothly with a comb, and it becomes softer and smoother. However, in reality, it is often different, so we come across small “knots” and damage that most often occur due to the use of heat or chemicals on the hair. However, even a simple action such as combing can destroy hair if we are not careful.

There are so many different opinions about the best way to comb your hair – what kind of brush to use, how often, whether to include some hair care products in the combing.

Depending on the texture, some claim that certain hair types do not need to be combed at all. What once seemed like a simple step in a hair care routine, today has many unanswered questions.

One question in particular divided opinions: is it bad to comb your hair while it is wet? Like other aspects of hair care, this one also depends on the type of hair, ie the texture. Hair is very individual, which means that what works for one person will not necessarily work for another.

Combing is conceived as a process that improves the condition of the hair by untangling. A dermatologist for the Byrdie portal says that proper combing reduces the possibility of hair breakage and the formation of knots. For many, combing wet hair is part of a shower routine, but it can damage your hair, especially if not combed properly.

For people with straight hair, combing wet hair can potentially cause more damage than combing dry hair.

– It should be borne in mind that hair is most sensitive when wet. Combing in this condition can overload and damage the hair. Hair is strongest when it is dry.

– claims the trichologist (doctor of hair specialists), while the stylist adds that any rough combing is bad for the hair, especially when it is wet.

For people with curly and wavy hair, the opposite is true. Anyone who once tried to comb dry curly hair saw how difficult and practically impossible it is. A dermatologist says that combing wet curly hair reduces the possibility of breaking it and damaging the hair follicle.





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