Sources: US quietly informed Apple that a Qihoo 360 researcher’s iPhone 0-day that won China’s top hacking contest in 2018 was used by China to spy on Uyghurs (Patrick Howell O’Neill/MIT Technology …) sources us technology… apple qihoo china

sources us technology… apple qihoo china

US officials believe that an assault against Apple devices that was used to spy on China’s Muslim minority was created during the nation’s premier hacking competition.

Beijing covertly spied on Uyghurs using a prize-winning iPhone hack.
Apple Tianfu Cup is a “forum for China to gain zero-days,” according to specialists. The United States followed the attack and warned Apple of this.
A team of Chinese hackers travelled to Vancouver in March 2017 with the express purpose of identifying obscure security holes in the most widely used technology.

sources us technology… apple qihoo china

Apple’s iPhones, Microsoft’s Windows operating system, and Google’s Chrome browser were all targets. However, nobody was violating the law. These were only a few of the participants in Pwn2Own, one of the most prominent hacking contests in the world.

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